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Global Hiring Demand for Web Developers

One of the hardest to fill and most in-demand tech jobs in North America is Web Developers. In both the US and Canada, it scores high on our Hiring Scale, which predicts the difficulty Recruiters will face when sourcing potential candidates. Many employers are turning to the global talent market to attract candidates from other countries and relocate them to offices in the US or Canada. We looked at how competitive the global talent market is for Web Developers.  Read the complete article .
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Employment Trends to Watch

The Rising Importance of Business Intelligence Skills in Finance

According to a recent survey by Robert Half, the majority of CFOs in Canada say business analytics, such as business intelligence and data mining, is mandatory in financial jobs. Robert Half looked at how demand for these skills will grow. Read the full article .

We analyzed hiring demand and talent supply for business intelligence skills in Canada's finance jobs. Can you beat the competition by recruiting talent in innovative ways? Read the analysis on hiring conditions .