Today this blog takes the client/customer’s point of view again, as yet another web developer/IT Professional has disappointed me.

In this case the person in question promised to solve a problem with a web site in an hour.

Four business days later, I’m still waiting. No apologies, and I had to call him to find out the reason for the delay. He continued saying it was an easy fix, and missed yet another deadline. Again, no apologies, and I have no idea when he will deliver.

This happens way too often.

Please — don’t overpromise and underdeliver.

Does this sound too obvious? Take a cold, hard look at your own service delivery before you assume that you aren’t guilty in your own business.

Set realistic expectations with your clients, or they will resent you and question your competence. Now I cringe when I think of ever having to work with this person again.

And, if you are going to miss a deadline, call to explain why — before the deadline passes and before your client has to call you. Then reset expectations, and be ABSOLUTELY sure to meet them.