While Motorola and Samsung's folding screens flame out, LG is playing it safe with their latest folding phone. Announced today, the unwieldily-named V60 ThinQ 5G with LG Dual Screen features two discrete 6.8" screens attached by a hinge.

LG is betting the dual screens will appeal to those who want to multitask (you can run separate apps in each screen), use it like a mini-laptop (i.e. keyboard on one screen, display on the other), play games with more screen real-estate (one screen can contain the controls while the other is pure display), or relegate the second screen to kickstand duty.

They've designed the hinge to be detachable, giving you "the freedom to choose one," the company writes. "Attach the second screen when you want to multi-task or detach to go minimal." If it were me, I'd lose that second screen like a glove.

You can read about the phone's stats here.

LG says the dualie phone will be available "in the coming weeks." For those seeking notification, they've set up a means to harvest your info here.