Today, the development of computers is no longer a few rich people can afford the equipment, I believe that children in the city have their own computers since primary school. And the fate of the win key on the keyboard is sad, because many children’s shoes are afraid to accidentally touch it when playing games and pop up the start menu, so they will choose to block it. Kindhearted children’s shoes will shield win key function through software, and troublesome children’s shoes will buckle win key cap directly. In fact, the win key is still very useful. Keeping it can bring you more surprises.

First of all, take win key and direction key for example. The following operation mode is the same. You need to press these keys at the same time

Win key + ↑: maximizes the current display window

Win key +

Win key +←: the current window is pasted to the left side of the screen, and the task view is displayed on the right half of the screen

Win key +→: the current window is pasted to the right side of the screen, and the left half of the screen displays the task view

Win key + Shift + →: when the external screen is connected and set to the extended display, the current window can be moved to the right screen for display

Win key + Shift +

Win + home: minimize all non current windows to help you focus more on the current window

Win + D: minimize all windows and make the desktop instantly fresh; press again to restore the windows between them.

In a word, there are many combinations and functions of win key. Small edition doesn’t need pictures for example. Interested children’s shoes can be tried by themselves.

Win: opens or hides the start menu

Win + D: display desktop

Win + M: minimize all windows

Win + Shift + M: restore minimized window to desktop

Win + e: turn on my computer

Win + F: search for files or folders

Win + pause: display system properties dialog box

CTRL + win + F: search computer (if you are on the network)

Win + L: lock your computer

Win + R: opens the run dialog box

Win + space: preview desktop (all windows become transparent)

Win + ↑: maximize the current window

Win + ↓: minimize the current window

Win +

Win + →: maximize window to right screen

Win + home: minimize all windows except the currently active window

Win + Shift + ↑: stretch the current window to the top and bottom of the screen

Win + P: select a presentation display mode

Win + G: a tool for cycling sidebar

Win + U: open easy access center

Win + X: open windows mobile center

Win + 1: open / display the program represented by the first icon of the super taskbar (2, 3, 4 And so on)

Win + D: switch to desktop

Win + F: search for files or folders

Win + G: switch sidebar widget

Win + Plus: turn on the magnifier, press Win + Plus to increase the magnification and win + minus to decrease the magnification

Win + Tab: use aero flip3-d cycle to switch programs on the taskbar

Win + P: open multi-function display panel (switch display)

Win + R: open operation window

Win + T: switch to display the taskbar information. Press again to switch on the taskbar.

Win + Shift + T: switch to display task bar information from right to left.

Win + U: turn on the accessibility assistant

Win + X: open the computer mobile center

It should be noted that according to the different versions of the current system (such as win7 or win10), the above shortcut key functions cannot be 100% effective.