For many employees, salary and work perks are the most important consideration when accepting a new job. In fact, according to research from EBRI, 78% of employees say that work perks are an extremely important part of their decision.

To find out the top ten most unique work perks that are currently on offer in the UK, job search engine Adzuna analysed over one million job adverts to see which perks you should be offering to attract and retain key talent.

Andrew Hunter, Co-Founder of Adzuna, explained: “Office perks really encapsulate the heart and soul of a business and show employees that they are valued.

“It’s interesting to see some of the most unusual job perks out there and consider which of them are a real draw for potential employees, or just a gimmick. Saying that, I don’t know of many people who wouldn’t want a hangover day every now and then – especially after an office party.”

Read on to find out more.

Hangover days

Yes, you did read that right! As a nation that loses more than 17million working days per year due to alcohol-induced illness, some companies are actually offering staff hangover days to prevent employees from suffering in silence at their desk. Lucky staff at London events company Dice are given the opportunity of four hangover days per year – which may come in handy over the festive period.

‘Pawternity Leave’

As a nation of dog lovers, more and more companies are allowing employees to bring their furry friends into the office. Yet some employers are going one step further to allow employees time off to welcome a new four-legged friend into the family. Companies such as BrewDog and Mars Petcare give their employees up to one week’s paid ‘pawternity’ leave.

Netflix subscriptions

We are all guilty of enjoying a Netflix binge every now and then, aren’t we? But for those who aren’t currently part of the Netflix club, they needn’t look any further. Some employers offer a free subscription to the streaming service to employees when they join the firm.

Nap rooms

After recognising the business benefits from having a well-rested and subsequently productive workforce, some employers have installed designated nap rooms to help employees get forty winks. Take Google for example. The tech giant has introduced new zero gravity nap pods in its HQ office – it does sound like a dream, doesn’t it?

Hair and beauty discounts

As strange as it may sound, an increasing number of employers are offering perks that invest in the appearance and upkeep of their employees. One company leading the way is Skyscanner who offer hair and beauty discounts at a range of local salons near its Edinburgh HQ.

Christmas shopping days

For those employees that feel overwhelmed at the thought of weekend Christmas shopping, some UK employers offer staff a paid day off over the holidays to get the bulk of their shopping done in one go.

Free food

Forget about your packed lunch, work has got it covered! Keeping employees fed and watered throughout the day is a great way to boost morale and maintain optimum engagement. Therefore, a number of employers offer free fruit or snacks, as well as free meals to staff – particularly in the hospitality industry.


For many employees, travel and holidays account for a big chunk of what they spend their money on. But, for some lucky employees, they can put their wallets away because it’s on the company. Accommodation provider Airbnb gives each employee £1,400 upon joining the company that they can spend on travelling the world.

On-site medical care

While medical care may be widely available, some companies have implemented facilities that are right on their doorstep. One firm leading the way is law firm Allen & Overy who has an on-site GP and dentist located at its London HQ.

Language lessons

Hablas español? You may not be a fluent Spanish speaker right now but with this work perk you can really throw their hat in the ring. Some companies offer employees free language lessons which can be a useful skill for those wanting to work in the travel or hospitality sectors.