One of Workday®’s core principles is that connections between business applications should be easy and trouble-free.
Workday® keeps that commitment with Cloud Integration, which supports your integrations in three ways:

  1. Pre-built connectors to Workday® partners and other third-party providers,
  2. A custom integration tool for ordinary business users, and
  3. An integrated development environment for sophisticated custom integrations.

These tools make it possible for you to connect any business application to Workday® to maximize the impact of your existing technology.

Read our best practices guide to learn how you can plan your integrations to make the most of your Workday® integration platform.

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Quotation"Best Practices for developing Workday® Integrations"

We show you how to:
  • Prevent bottlenecks in your custom integrations,
  • Deliver messages to the people who need them in language they understand, and
  • Build a library of reusable integrations.

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