In many cases, it has only been nearly a week since a number of countries have declared lockdowns and imposed limitations upon their citizens in hopes of stopping the spread of the coronavirus.

Spain, currently #4 in the world and #2 in Europe with the most infected, is no exception. Just like the pandemic itself, the lockdown has turned out to be a difficult hurdle for many people to get over. This means staying at home for virtually all daily routine activities, limiting trips outside to just commutes to work, trips for groceries, and possibly walking your dog. Any other activities are simply out of the question.

A man in a T-Rex costume is not something you see every day, let alone during a coronavirus lockdown

Image credits: Policía Local Murcia

Well, this didn’t stop this one man from dressing up in a T-Rex costume and walking down the street in Murcia, Spain. Yes, you read it right.

The Police Department of Murcia recently released a video of a man dressed in a full T-Rex outfit walking down one of the residential streets of the Vistalegre neighborhood. The video seems to be shot by a resident filming the incident from their balcony. And yes, that is the Jurassic Park theme song playing in the background.

A video of Murcia Police stopping a man in a T-Rex suit during the lockdown is making rounds on the internet

Image credits: Policía Local Murcia

Despite serious concerns, police joked that animals can’t be left alone in public during the quarantine

Image credits: Policía Local Murcia

Moments after the man crossed the street, a police car approached him and an officer confronted the prehistoric creature. No arrest was made and it’s assumed that the man was simply warned to stay indoors if he had no reason to be outside. No official statements were made regarding this incident.

Despite the seriousness of the overall situation, the Police Department of Murcia wasn’t reluctant to joke about this by captioning the tweet as follows: “During the state of alarm, walking pets is allowed if they are accompanied by a person. Taking short walks can help them relieve themselves. However, having a Tyrannosaurus Rex complex is not covered. #stayathome”

People are guessing that the costume is used as a protective measure so as to not get infected

Image credits: Elire72

Here is the video of the T-Rex strolling through the streets of Murcia

Another video has surfaced of what seems like the same man taking out the trash in the same T-Rex costume. People are guessing that the costume is used as a preventative measure shielding the man from a potential infection. Another video of a man walking his dog in a storm trooper mask was also uploaded to justify this case.

Murcia Police took this as an opportunity to remind people of the importance of staying at home, washing hands frequently, airing out your home, and only leaving it for necessities like groceries, medicine, and commuting to work.

Another video surfaced of seemingly the same man throwing out the trash—in the same costume

Others were seen also using costumes as protection against the virus in public areas

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