Apple is one of the biggest and most prolific tech companies in the world, and that’s a well-known fact.  Each year, their new iPhone launch makes world news and giant lines form in front of the Apple store days in advance, which goes to show just how much people love iPhones. Well, this year is a special one for the iPhone, because it marks its tenth anniversary. Yep, the first ever iPhone came out ten whole years ago, and we’ve got to say the phone came a long way since.

Now we’re preparing for the fall launch of iPhone 8, a nearly bezel-less smartphone with a big, smooth display, no physical home screen, a retina scanner and many other cool features. But we can’t help but get excited over the iPhone 9 that will most likely launch next year, in 2018, and we’ll tell you why in a second.

LG Partnership Will Give Birth to Innovative Battery

Apple has a habit of making some parts for their devices internally in their own factories, but for the most part they are supplied by various other well-known tech giants from all across the world. For the iPhone 9’s battery, rumor has it that the Cupertino tech titan will partner up with South Korean smartphone manufacturer LG. And the battery that will result from this partnership is supposed to be unlike anything we’ve ever seen before.

If we’re to take these rumors at eye value, the LG-made iPhone 9 battery will be an L-shaped super charged piece of hardware that will power up the Apple-owned smartphone with so much juice you won’t know what’s going on. This will surely be a first for iPhones, whose amazing performance is often shadowed by their poor and unreliable battery life.

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