Google I/O is in full motion, and during the keynote, Google talked quite a bit about Google Assistant, and announced some improvements that will boost your Google Assistant experience. Google has just announced that you’ll be able to schedule new calendar appointments and create reminders using Google Assistant, though do keep in mind that this feature is coming soon, it’s not yet available. You will be able to use this feature on all of your Google Assistant devices, no matter if you’d like to do so via the Google Home or your phone.

Now, in addition to the calendar appointments and reminders feature, Google also said that it currently has 70+ smart home partners which are supporting Google Assistant, all platforms included. Now, you will be able to make hands-free calls using Google Home as well, thanks to Google Assistant, which is yet another new feature that Google introduced during Google I/O 2017. Now, on top of everything we’ve mentioned thus far, you will also be able to enjoy Spotify integration soon, same goes for SoundCloud and Deezer, all that through your Google Assistant-powered Google Home speaker. The company has also added Bluetooth support for Google Home, and Google also said that new partners are on the way, like HBO NOW, CBS All Access and HGTV.

Visual responses from the Google Assistant are also coming on your TV, thanks to Chromecast. Google will add this feature later this year, you will essentially be able to see Google Assistant answers on your TV, which is connected to your Google Assistant-powered device. All you’ll need to do in order to activate this feature is ask “what’s on YouTube TV right now?”, “what’s on my calendar today?”, or something of the sort. As far as developers are concerned, Google definitely didn’t forget about them when it comes to Google Assistant, as they will be able to build conversational apps for the Google Assistant on phone, which is something Google also announced today. In a rather lengthy list of new features, you should also know that starting today, you can type to Google Assistant on phones, using your keyboard, while some Google Lens-related features are coming in the coming months as well.

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