When we think of Taylor Stitch, which is often, it is usually their first class shirts that come to mind most readily and, truth be told, this is because they so consistently release impeccable garments that fall into this bracket. The latest to have caught our eye is the Taylor Stitch Tulem Shirt which has the sort of vintage aesthetic that will go over well this spring and summer and comes in two different colourways – namely, Cranberry Stripe and Blue Chambray.

The Taylor Stitch Tulem Shirt is undergoing pre-funding in the brand’s workshop as we speak and can be yours for a decidedly reasonable price tag of just $98 – down from the regular price of $125 after the pre-funding is complete. So, move quickly if you want to get your hands on the Taylor Stitch Tulem Shirt for its cheaper price. This shirt is burlier than the average button up and will be fit for any adventures you’ve got afoot this spring and summer.

Step into Spring & Summer in Style

The Tulum Shirt from Taylor Stitch wears its old school inspiration on its sleeve, but this piece of apparel is definitely no relic. It boasts a modern cut and utility-focused design, it’s a unique – not to mention uniquely capable – short sleeve shirt. It has many distinctive details such as a casual camp collar and understated piping at the collar which gives it a pleasing, one-of-a-kind character. Robust, comfortable and visually sharp, The Tulum is just the shot in the arm your summer wardrobe rotation has been crying out for.

Taylor Stitch’s Tulum Shirt (from $98) is crafted from 100% organic cotton, which is just as soft and versatile as conventional cotton but, crucially, it doesn’t rely on harmful chemicals or sketchy methods to grow it. Double needle felled construction and lock-stitched buttons/buttonholes make sure it’ll remain your go-to spring/summer companion for many years, and adventures, to come.

To take thinks up a notch, Taylor Stitch have accented the handsome Cranberry Stripe finish version with some natural troca shell buttons for a little extra visual impact. The eco-friendliness of this Tulum Shirt from Taylor Stitch is another worthy reason it should be added to your wardrobe rotation. When you consider traditional cotton growing users 25% of the world’s insecticides, you’ll be pleased to hear that Taylor Stitch’s cotton doesn’t use a drop.

Devil in the Detail

Taylor Stitch are one of the best in the business when it comes to offering devilishly dapper apparel and seldom is this more apparent than with their superb Tulem Shirts. Some of the most eye-catching features of these shirts include the the clean front placket, two rounded chest pockets, a tailored fit with high armhole and it boasts a shorter length to be worn untucked.

Available for under $100, the Tulem Shirt from Taylor Stitch is the epitome of an essential addition to your spring wardrobe in our opinion. With its gloriously retro appeal and unparalleled comfort and craftsmanship, this shirt goes to show why the San Francisco based brand are held in such high regard for the quality of their wares.