Installation of The Active Tasks Status Inquiry

  1. Define a new application on an IIS server
    Determine your security requirements
    If you're using IE only then require Windows NT challenge/response authentication. If you may need to use any other browser to connect to the site then specify 'Basic Authentication'. If you have no worry of inside malicious attack, you could even use anonymous access.
    It is suggested that you disable session state.
  2. Copy the web pages to the application directory defined above
    frame document
    navigation side bar (left frame)
    style sheet
    navigation frame
    action frame(clock)
    results side (right frame)
    first open page
    ADO include file
    ASP script that gets status
  3. Define an ODBC datasource on the IIS server
    Create a File DSN using the ODBC manager on the web Server
    Add an Application_onStart event handler in the global.asa that defines an "admin_ConnectionString" that exposes the File DSN.
  4. Open your new site from any browser that can see the web server
  5. What if you have problems?
    Debug ASP using Visual Interdev
    Use SQL Trace to watch the database connection
    Drop Bill an email if you can't figure it out
  6. On to the the next step...