Feeling stuck working on your Q4 strategy? The holidays is a busy and lucrative time for content creators and Merchants. From outlining your content plans to determining the products to feature on your blog, taking the extra step to reach out to your top merchants directly will increase your opportunity for exclusive content and partnerships. Communication with Affiliate Marketing Managers is always key in affiliate success.

Here are some topics to cover when discussing your Q4 strategy with Merchants:

Content Ideas: Have a conversation with the merchant asking key questions to learn more about their objectives. For example what are their goals for the season and are they launching any new products or initiatives or holiday campaigns? Use this information to brainstorm unique ways you can feature the merchant in ways that align with their marketing goals. Then, review your concepts with the Merchant’s Affiliate Manager and determine a launch strategy.  

Creatives: Ask for specific size banner ads, an updated data feed, or a video ad to include into your content. Adding more visuals will support your content and engage the reader.

Exclusive Codes: Discuss whether the merchant would like to leverage coupon codes during the season and partner to create an exclusive coupon code for your readers.

Commission Rate: Use this as an opportunity to negotiate commission rates and discuss an increase in commission in exchange for additional premium placement.

Cookie Duration: Review your Return Days Analysis Report and perform an analysis to understand your audience’s purchasing decisions. Use this data to present a case on why mutually beneficial to extend the cookie duration.

Bonuses: Showcase your high quality and consistent posts to Affiliate Managers about their brand in order to negotiate a bonus.

Free Products:
Demonstrate your past collaboration and writing examples and ask for free products in order to develop a new partnership.


Creating a personal relationship with Merchant Affiliate Manager’s will only strengthen your program. Affiliate Managers  offer ideas, insights and marketing goals to help build your content strategy.  Working closely with them to customize commission rates and bonuses based on your performance will improve your performance this holiday season.



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