Recently, I got a chance to attend Tensorflow DevSummit 2019 — Extended organized by Bangalore chapter of Google Developers Group. There were amazing sessions lined up related to new and upcoming Tensorflow technologies and various easy-to-use Tensorflow frameworks (I will write a separate post) but what really caught my attention was a talk on Personal Disruption by Mudit Yadav. There is always a negative connotation attached to the word disruption. Anything that falls out of rhythm or routine is a disruption. This session made me realize that is not always the case and to explain this, he opened with the following question.

Who do you think is the biggest competitor of XYZ airlines?

If you guessed the name of another airline, you are like us. The correct answer, surprisingly, was Skype! How you ask? People can now video conference with each other without having to fly out there and thus, saving money. It was then that we realized the depth of this question — how innovation in one industry can cause disruption in a seemingly unrelated industry. Similarly, we need to seek disruption personally as well to bring a positive impact. The next question would be how we can work towards it.

Three simple steps:

  1. Ask more whys

All of us have had the (dis)pleasure of being at the receiving end of the incessant, annoying why questions of 5-year-olds for which we don’t always have an answer. But as we grow older, we stop questioning like we used to and start accepting things as they are. It’s time we start probing things and seeking explanations again. That’s where the disruption starts.

2. Fear is the ticket to opportunities

This sounds like a deep thought but it’s actually very simple to understand. Your reluctance to do something for fear of the consequences is, in fact, an indicator of the next path to choose. It’s when you fight your fears, you take notice of the opportunities on the way.

3. Horizontal knowledge

It’s good to specialize in a particular field, to gain vertical or domain knowledge. However, in contrast, it is similarly imperative to comprehend other themes in a bird’s eye view if not in deep view. This horizontal knowledge will help network and start a conversation. All disruptions start by talking to people and hunting/understanding the problem.

Personal disruption is a significant contributing factor to our success. Don’t be just problem solvers but problem hunters as well.

Instead of waiting for an opportunity to knock on your door, go and knock on the opportunity’s door.

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