Don’t you just hate it when one of your favorite franchises gets a sequel, port, or tie-in and they get it wrong? You can feel my pain this week as George of the Jungle Owie Owie has left me heartbroken. The animation’s flat and off-model, but it’s not flat and off-model enough to capture the classic Jay Ward style, there’s too much jumping and not enough vine-swinging, and there’s nary a promotional image of a bare-chested Brendan Fraser or Leslie Mann in a pith helmet. Owie indeed.


I hear that you’ve played so much Card Crawl that you polished the pretty art right off the digital cards. You’ve got the jitters from Solitaire RPG withdrawal, you’re refreshing the page for Card Thief every five minutes praying for a release date, and you tried to get methadone, but they called you a hopeless case and turned you away. It’s okay, it happens to everyone. Righteous Hammer Games knows what you’re going through, and they’ve got your fix: Solitairica, a game that’s more roguelike and more solitaire-like than anything you’ve played before.

The first hit's... er, Solitairica is a pay-once premium title on iOS only, Android users have to go cold turkey for now.

Dungeon Warfare

Dungeon Warfare is a tower defense game, and we don’t cover many of those because there are so many derivative titles in the field, but the buzz about this one is that it’s an interesting reverse-crawl game, a bit like Tiny Heroes. It’s a premium, pixel-art game with an emphasis on taking advantage of the environment, and people on Steam seem to like the PC version.

If you’re ready to defend - with towers! - again, you can get Dungeon Warfare on iOS and Android.

Space Marshals 2

The original Space Marshals was a tactical third-person shooter, and the sequel is, likewise, a tactical third-person shooter. Dave Lane found the virtual controls of the original tetchy, but considered the gameplay solid.

A lot of tough space hombres are wanted dead or alive on iOS. Space Marshals eventually made it to Android… we'll see if the sequel show up with sixguns blazin'.


Word puzzle games often leave me cold - I’m looking at you, Scrabble! Synonymy caught my eye because it’s about meaning, not spelling. The goal is to get from a starting word to a target word one synonym at a time. The six degrees of Noah Webster, if you will. It’s also has superflous narration by Richard Dawkins.

Regardless of what the meme-man thinks of your belief system, you can get Synonymy on iOS and Android.

Talisman: Blood Moon

The Blood Moon expansion for Nomad Games’ port of Talisman is now available, adding a stalking werewolf to the mix… waitaminute, haven’t I written about this before? Oh, that was Talisman going on sale prior to the release of Blood Moon? I put an app going on sale in the new release post?!? That’s like when Grandma added salt instead of sugar to the apple pie… well, I promise to exploit my senility relentlessly.

If your memory’s not completely shot, you can find Blood Moon available as an IAP in both the iOS and Android versions of Talisman.

A Midsummer Night’s Choice

Choice of Games’ apps are straightforward Interactive Fiction, with nary a real-time combat system, animated map, or celebrity voice actor in them. Perhaps for that reason, they’re also the most diverse in genre and theme. This one’s Shakespeare, with extra marauding wee folk, and it’s by an English Prof. who specializes in the period… somewhere, just now, Ryan North felt a chill.

Finally a game where a real ass can kiss a faerie queen... A Midsummer Night's Choice is out on iOS and Android.

The Burning Trees of Ormen Mau

Alternatively, if you’re looking a gamebook with parchment pages and dice-based combat, there’s The Burning Trees of Ormen Mau. It’s kind of like Firewatch with Ents, and it's part of the Narborion Saga from the studio that gave us A Land Fit For Heores, which should at least make it a good pastime while we’re all waiting for Sorcery 4.

Be sure to memorize Create Water before downloading The Burning Trees of Ormen Mau on iOS and Android.

Sacred Legends

Stop the Presses! The hack-and-slash hit series Sacred just landed on mobile! ...oh, wait, it’s Free to Play. Well… this could still be good… right? Tell you what, we’ll send Sean in headfirst to investigate. I’m sure he won’t mind.

Sacred Legends is available on iOS and Android.

Con Man

Here’s one for all the fans of Alan Tudyk, Nathan Fillian, and truth in advertising: a FTP building/battle game called Con Man. In this game based on Tudyk’s webseries of the same title, you’ll run your own Comic/Game/Sci-Fi/Neil Gaiman Convention, while also hiring real superheroes to fight off the actual space aliens who are scaring people away from you merch tables.

If you’ve ever wanted to experience nothing like actual event planning, or just to make Joss Whedon sweep up your garbage, you can get Con Man on iOS and Android.