Verizon has said that its network is performing well with the unlimited data plans that they recently launched for customers earlier this year, claiming that the launch of the new plans which has resulted in increased traffic isn’t causing issues with the network’s performance and that things are running smoothly. Verizon is the US’ largest wireless carrier and for a long time had been against adding unlimited data for customers, but eventually began offering it earlier this year under the name “Verizon Unlimited” which was likely to cause quite a stir with subscribers in the best way possible. Now since it’s launched there have reportedly been claims from subscribers complaining that the network has been having a tough time keeping up with the increased traffic.

Verizon’s claim that the network is doing fine comes after an investor conference from earlier this week on May 8th where it has reportedly assured investors that the network isn’t having problems, essentially denying claims that increased traffic is slowing things down. Though Verizon offering unlimited data should be a good thing for its customers, it would appear as if it’s not completely without issue. While Verizon is boasting a well-performing network, rival carrier CEO John Legere noted recently that there has been a decrease in Verizon’s 4G LTE speeds of around 14% since the launch of the unlimited plan while also pointing out that T-Mobile’s 4G LTE speeds have increased by 10%. This particular claim is likely to have nudged Verizon to refute the statement made about its network struggling to keep up with usage from subscribers.

To help sell its argument that the network is not struggling with the increased traffic from the new unlimited plan, Verizon on Monday boasted about increased network capacity in larger metro areas with a large population, such as San Francisco, and it attributed the increased network capacity to small cell deployment in those areas. Of course, whether or not Verizon’s network is really struggling with the increased traffic is likely to be felt most by its subscribers, and if subscribers begin to complain that there are issues with the network slowing down, it will be interesting to see how Verizon responds.

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