NYC based Roof Studio ​captures the excitement of business expansion ​through the purchasing capabilities of the American Express Open Card​. Roof utilizes precise and intelligent designs and brings their signature whimsy to this spot for the "Your Business" segment on MSNBC.

The playful yet effortless motion of the model kits encourages card holders to take on a new job, fill a big order or expand their office while impeccably detailed scenarios inspire all the possibilities for business growth. This simplicity combined with keen aesthetics proves that once again Roof Studio is showing its place as a dynamic and diverse force in animation world.

Creative Credits:
Client: American Express
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather
Production: Roof Studio

Roof Studio:

Creative Directors: Vinicius Costa and Guto Terni
Executive Producer: Crystal Campbell
Producer: Jess Pierik
Design : Vinicius Costa and Eric Pautz
Modeling: Shane O'Hara, Flavio Mac, and Vinicius Valente
Animation : Lucas Ribeiro Fernandes, Guto Terni
Render: Pedro Kobuti, Vinicius Costa and Vinicius Valente
Compositing: Guto Terni, Pedro Kobuti
Music: Future Perfect
SFX and Mix: Mixtape Club

Agency: Ogilvy & Mather

Creative Director / Design Director : Lucas Carmargo
Creative Director / Copywriter: Justin Via
Senior Art Director: Joao Paz
Copywriter: Holden Rasche
Executive Producer: Elizabeth Lucas
Senior Content Producer: Jessica Fiore
Music Producer - Chris Mazur
Account Supervisor: Lauren Truppo
Account Executive: Catherine Seeger