Visual Numerics combines IMSL with Java

July 26 — Visual Numerics has released JMSL 2.0, mathematical, statistical, and charting classes written for Java. JMSL combines the mathematical and statistical functionality of the IMSL set of algorithms with Java, allowing developers to create network applications that perform complex data analysis and visualization across multiple groups or regions.

Websina zeroes in on bugs

July 26 — Bugzero from Websina is a Web-based bug and defect tracking system written in Java. Version 1.4 includes a GUI (graphical user interface)-based setup program.

RemoteApps introduces testing framework

July 26 — RA TestHarness is a Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) testing framework from RemoteApps. The tool tests individual software units of code through standard class tests.

Amber Archer updates class library

July 26 — San Jacinto 1.9.1, Amber Archer's latest Java class library, includes a re-architected XML-to-Java binding layer. This version also fixes the previous library's bugs.

Covont launches Web framework for Java

July 26

— Covont Software has released Advanced Application Platform 1.0, an event-driven Web application framework for Java application servers. Built on top of the Java Servlets API, the platform is compatible with most app servers.

Zeosoft and IBM team up

July 19 — Zeosoft will integrate IBM's DB2 Everyplace relational database into its ZeoSphere Server, a Java-based application server that resides on mobile devices. The combination of these two products will allow organizations to use IBM storage technology in the mobile space.

AdventNet updates middleware manager

July 19 — AdventNet has introduced the AdventNet Middleware Manager 4.0 WebLogic Edition. This latest version features JMX (Java Management Extensions)-based management of Web application ecosystems.

Companies partner to enable Web services interaction

July 12 — BEA Systems, Intalio, SAP AG, and Sun Microsystems have published an XML-based Web services interface that bridges the gap between Web services and business process management. The Web Services Choreography Interface (WSCI) enables Web services to interact with each other, fulfilling business process needs such as delivering automated, application-to-application collaboration.

Zion launches IM products

July 12 — Zion Software has introduced JSuperChat, a cross-service, cross-platform instant-messaging (IM) client for Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition (J2SE)-compliant PCs and devices. The company has also announced JMessageServer, a presence and IM real-time communications platform available for Java 1.4 computing environments.

SolarMetric teams up with Borland

July 12 — As a new participant in Borland Software's partner program, SolarMetric will include Kodo JDO (Java Data Objects) for object/relational mapping in the Borland JBuilder 7.0 companion CD. Kodo JDO relieves developers of hand coding data access.

Nazomi licenses Sun's CLDC and J2ME

July 12 — Nazomi Communications will incorporate Sun Microsystems' Connected Limited Device Configuration (CLDC) and Mobile Information Device Profile (MIDP) into its current JA108 Universal Acceleration chip for Java architectures and multimedia, and its JStar and JSmart acceleration technologies. Nazomi's JA108, JStar, and JSmart solutions are optimized for mobile wireless environments.

Infinity Database stores compressed data

July 12 — Boiler Bay has released a new Java database engine for wireless, PDA, embedded, or thick-client environments. The Infinity Database Engine B-Tree occupies 165 KB byte code and uses the Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition Connected Device Configuration (J2ME CDC).

BEA announces WebLogic 7.0 and new partnership

June 28 — BEA Systems will start shipping its WebLogic Platform 7.0 at the end of June. In an attempt to unify enterprise application development, version 7.0 includes BEA WebLogic Server 7.0, its application server; BEA WebLogic Portal 7.0, a portal framework; BEA WebLogic Integration 7.0, a integration services broker; and BEA WebLogic Workshop, a Java IDE. BEA will also partner with Hewlett-Packard to market, sell, and deliver BEA's integrated solutions across HP operating systems.

Sun introduces wireless technologies

June 28 — Sun Microsystems has launched the CLDC (Connected Limited Device Configuration) HotSpot Implementation, a JVM designed for ARM-based microprocessors. It delivers a performance higher than most VMs in a small footprint. In addition, Sun has released the final version of J2ME (Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition) Wireless Toolkit.

Borland enhances server for Web services

June 28 — Borland Software has released a new version of Borland Enterprise Server, its J2EE (Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition) 1.3-compliant application server. Version 5.1 features enhanced support for Web Services, proactive application management, and improved performance.

TogetherSoft adds WebLogic 7.0 support

June 28 — TogetherSoft has integrated support for BEA WebLogic Platform 7.0 into Together ControlCenter, an application development tool. The partnership allows developers to deploy Web applications with BEA WebLogic while using TogetherSoft's development tools.

PolarLake previews Web services platform

June 28 — The forthcoming release of PolarLake 2.0 includes integration with a JMS (Java Message Service) framework and Sun ONE (Open Network Environment). PolarLake is an XML and Web services assembly and deployment platform for Java.

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