The Japan-based indie studio SpicyTails has just announced that its virtual reality anime Spice & Wolf VR which is based on the anime/manga franchise Spice & Wolf will be launching soon on multiple virtual reality headsets including Oculus GO, Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive. The anime VR will be coming out on June 3rd.

The Spice & Wolf VR has come out two crowdfunding campaigns on Kickstarter and Campfire launched in 2018 that were aimed at financing the project to bring manga/anime game into VR. Spice & Wolf VR places the player in the role of Lawrence, the protagonist, as he spends time in the cottage with the wolf goddess Holo. The scenarios in the game have been written by the original author of the Spice & Wolf manga/anime Isuna Hasekura.

The Spice & Wolf VR was supposed to launch in May 2019 and was even promising support for PSVR and Quest in its earlier announcement. The company however revised the launch date and slated it for June 3rd and did not mention PSVR and Oculus Quest support in the latest release, only mentioning Vive, Go and Rift. It seems the initially stated support for both PSVR and Oculus Quest were the studio’s stretch goals during its fundraising campaign on Kickstarter.

The campaigns managed to raise a tidy amount. SpicyTails raised approximately 41.5 million yen or $370,000 on the Japanese crowdfunding website Campfire and 31 million yen or $275,000 from 1600 backers on the global fundraising platform Kickstarter. Altogether, the two fundraising campaigns managed to raise more than $645,000 for the development of the virtual reality game.

The Spice & Wolf VR anime will include the original series author Isuna Hasekura. It will also retain the anime’s original Japanese voice actors along with the production staff like Tsukasa who is also the original author; novel illustrator Ju Ayakura, who did the character design for the original anime; Keisuke Sakakibara who did the 3D modeling and motion along with the voice actors Jun Fukuyama (Kraft Lawrence) and Ami Koshimizu (Holo).

The anime was first published in 2006 in Japan and it is been more than a decade since it was last broadcast in the country.

Apart from the reveal of the release data for Spice & Wolf VR, SpicyTails also released a new and better quality video which contains new tail animations. There is also a fresh new poster that was created by Juu Ayakura.

The animations have improved considerably since the first sneak peek into the new anime VR. To compare the changes since the initial reveal, check out the YouTube video below:-

Illustrator Juu Ayakura designed and drew the poster below which will be mailed to the project’s Kickstarter backers:

Spice and Wolf VR poster
Spice and Wolf VR poster

SpicyTails has also displayed the coins that will be issued to the anime project’s backers. In the actual product, the copper coin has been changed to a matte silver look.

The coins
The coins