After numerous delays, Comcast appears to have quietly "soft launched" its 4K-capable DVR in a handful of markets. Mari Silbey at Light Reading noticed that the XG4 DVR -- also know as the XG1v4 -- has shown up on a Comcast X1 support page and is now available in a limited number of Comcast markets. The Comcast support docs indicate the XG4 features six TV tuners, a 25-minute buffer for pausing and rewinding live TV, compatibility with the X1 voice remote system, and support for AnyRoom DVR and all existing X1 TV apps.

Sources told the news outlet that the DVR supports both 4K and high dynamic range (HDR) even if the support document doesn't indicate as much.

Silbey posits that because Comcast has already been criticized for falling behind on its 4K support promises, the "company may be wary of promoting a product launch until the DVR has gained some traction in the field."

On May 6, 2015, Comcast issued a press release proclaiming that the cable giant would be offering a 4K set top cable box by the end of the year. In that announcement, Comcast proclaimed that its "Xi4" set top box was to deliver 4K, while the company's looming "Xi5" box would be offering users access to HDR content. But despite the occasional hype bubbling forth from Comcast, the company's 4K efforts -- and new 4K-capable set top boxes -- were a no show.

There's numerous reasons for those delays, including Comcast's desire to ensure the launch of a set top with both 4K and HDR support, and the company's decision to deliver 4K via IP, instead of over its legacy QAM network.

For those interested, some additional documentation has popped up over at the FCC website. There's also some additional conversation in our Comcast forum. If you've seen this new 4K DVR out in the wild, please let us know in the comment section below.
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