Macromedia extends platform support

January 10 — Macromedia boosts Java development for Apple users by announcing JRun 4, its Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE)-compatible application server, for Mac OS X. The company has also updated ColdFusion MX, its server-scripting environment for creating Internet applications, for BEA WebLogic Server, IBM WebSphere Application Server, and the Sun ONE (Open Network Environment) Platform.

PrismTech adds e*ORB to its portfolio

January 10 — PrismTech has acquired Vertel's CORBA business unit, bringing e*ORB, an embedded, real-time object request broker, to its Total CORBA Solution (TCS) portfolio. TCS comprises C++, Java and C language ORBs, sophisticated common object services, and connectivity products linking CORBA to J2EE (Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition), Web services, and proprietary environments.

Dirig Software integrates WebSphere support into solutions

January 10 — Dirig Software has announced that its Fenway and PathFinder solutions will support IBM WebSphere 5.0. Fenway provides real-time monitoring and management for Web applications and individual Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE)-based component connections; PathFinder automatically identifies transaction dependencies across Web servers, application servers, and databases.

ModelJ released on SourceForge

January 10 — ModelJ is an open source RAD (rapid application development) tool that uses code generation to create complete J2EE (Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition) applications with the Struts and EJB (Enterprise JavaBeans) frameworks. With ModelJ, developers can create a database-driven Website deployable to JBoss, an open source J2EE application server.

New version of JSOS now available

January 10 — Coldbeans Software has updated its servlets office suite, JSOS, to version 3.20. JSOS is a large collection of Java servlets and filters that provides 60 components for building Webpages.

Wrox publishes certification guide

January 3Professional SCWCD Certification by Dan Jepp and Sam Dalton guides readers through the Sun Certified Web Component Developer exam. The book covers the exam's 13 objectives and is accompanied by a CD that prepares readers for exam conditions.

Xoetrope launches XTranslator

January 3 — XTranslator is Xoetrope's new Java-based application for text resource translation. XTranslator works with file- or database-based language resources, provides an interface for the translator, and features a library for accessing language resources.

FirstSQL receives in-memory database architecture

January 3 — FirstSQL has released FirstSQL/J 2.0, the company's Java object-relational SQL database, in two editions: Enterprise Server and Professional Edition. Version 2.0 includes main memory mode for real-time performance and replication servers.

Manning releases LDAP guide

January 3 — In LDAP Programming, Management and Integration, author Clayton Donley covers the LDAP (lightweight directory access protocol) standard and how to work with it in Java and Perl. Donley presents code and advice for migrating and integrating data into an LDAP environment, and explains how to increase an application's security using identity and profile information from LDAP repositories.

Eclipse introduces new open source project

January 3 — Eclipse has launched the Koi Project, a new project focused on creating an infrastructure for developer collaboration tools. The open source project will make it possible to create new categories of developer collaboration tools with the Eclipse platform and other tools.

Software 7 launches JavaHelp authoring tool

January 3 — Software 7 has released Helen 1.1, a new version of the JavaHelp authoring tool. Helen blends the JavaHelp online help system with a user-friendly graphical interface.

Tangosol enhances Coherence

January 3 — Coherence is Tangosol's JCache-compliant clustered data management and caching product. Version 2.0 includes J2SE (Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition) 1.4's new input/output support, distributed cache queries, increased caching support, and more.

WhizLabs releases SCJP Upgrade test simulator

January 3 — SCJPUpgrade@Whiz, now available from WhizLabs, simulates the Sun Certified Java Programming Upgrade exam. The tool features 11 mock tests, a 100-question interactive quiz, a performance evaluation, and technical support.

Handango updates its Commerce Engine

December 20 — Handango has announced a new version of the Handango Commerce Engine, the core transaction and provisioning system of the company's application management and provisioning platform, Handango AMPP. The Handango Commerce Engine extends this commerce infrastructure to independent software vendors (ISVs), allowing software developers to sell applications from their own Websites. With the enhancements to the Handango Commerce Engine, ISVs can sell software titles and deliver J2ME (Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition) applications over the air.

Ephox ships content authoring app

December 20 — Ephox has released EditLive! for Java 2.0, a Web-based content authoring application. Version 2.0 supports XML, the Web-based distributed authoring and versioning (WebDAV) protocol, and multiple languages.

Velare Technologies launches Discorso

December 20 — Discorso is a standards-based Java framework that enables development and deployment of asynchronous distributed business processes. The tool allows users to design and document the flow and interactions of complex business transactions with UML (Unified Modeling Language) tools, and use any IDE to build multisystem, multiuser messaging systems or Web services.

JCP issues final release of JSR 90

December 20 — Java Specification Request 90, the OSS (operation support systems) Quality of Service API, is designed to support the development of solutions for communications companies. The API provides interfaces for integrated management solutions supporting quality-of-service functions for network and service assurance. The API package provides standards, guidelines, reference source code, and conformance test tools for fault monitoring, performance monitoring, and threshold monitoring.

GOBS separates Java apps into modules

December 20 — Wangjammers has launched GOBS (Generalised Object Broker System), a free library that helps developers separate Java applications into modules that can be quickly replaced or redeployed. GOBS is a reusable broker API that abstracts the underlying mechanism for registering and discovering components.

Codagen transforms UML into code

December 20 — Codagen Technologies has updated Codagen Architect to version 3.0. Codagen Architect is a development tool that lets developers transform UML (Unified Modeling Language) models into application code using either J2EE (Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition) or .Net Framework. Version 3.0 includes interoperability with Together ControlCenter, Rational Rose, and Microsoft Visio UML; a generic UML adapter; ANSI C++ source code generation (in addition to Java, Microsoft Visual Basic, C# and XML); and more.

Orient Technologies releases ODBMS Just Edition 2.0

December 20 — The Orient ODBMS Just Edition 2.0 is now available. Developed by Orient Technologies, the tool offers a database management system (DBMS) with support for native objects. In addition, version 2.0 is partially compliant with Java Data Objects (JDO) 1.0.

NewJ Library transforms Java to C++

December 20 — PureNative Software has introduced a library that provides Java language features and constructs in ANSI C++. The NewJ Library for C++ implements the core Java APIs in C++. The tool allows developers to convert Java source code to C++ or to create new C++ applications that leverage Java.

MyVietnam Group announces open source bulletin board

December 20 — MyVietnam Group has issued the second beta release of mvnForum 1.0.0, an open source bulletin board built on J2EE (Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition). The tool is compatible with any servlet container supporting JSP (JavaServer Pages) 1.1 and Servlet 2.2.

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