New York Times columnist Tom Friedman expressed his shock and horror at President Donald Trump’s ongoing campaign to delegitimize the 2020 election with misleading claims and conspiracy theories, warning that the assault on the country’s democratic system was the “most dangerous thing I have ever seen in America.”

Just last week, Friedman had appeared on CNN to warn that he viewed the country as teetering on the brink of “potential second Civil War.” On Wednesday, just a day after Trump reprised his false narrative about election fraud with more unfounded claims, Friedman once again spoke on CNN, this time with Chris Cuomo, about the threat to the country that he perceives from the president.

“Why do you take him so seriously?” Cuomo pressed. “When apocalyptic suggestions of anything but his success are common for him.”

“We’re seeing something we’ve never seen before in our history, and it is the greatest voter suppression enterprise ever mounted in this country, led by the President of the United States,” Friedman declared. “He’s basically telling us, every day now in every way, and in that debate that 73 million Americans watched, that one of two things are going to happen on November 3rd. And one of them is not Joe Biden being elected. Either I am going to be elected by a majority of votes cast that day, or I’m going to delegitimize this election.”

“It’s already having huge ramifications, already, Democrats are going to feel if they lose, it’s because he basically suppressed the vote and got people to not vote by mail, so they stayed home because they feared for their lives in a pandemic,” Friedman theorized. “Or if he wins — if he wins, the Democrats will be aggrieved. And if he loses, his own voters will insist it’s because of mail in fraud.”

Friedman then pointed back to the 2000 election fight in Florida, but said Trump attempting to supercharge that scenario to across the entire country.

Al Gore took a bullet for the country by abiding by the Supreme Court decision [Bush v. Gore],” Friedman said. “Donald Trump will put a bullet into the country before he abides by any Supreme Court decision that goes against him. This is the most dangerous thing I have ever seen in America.”

Watch the video above. via CNN.