Corporate Compliance Training Challenges A New LMS Can Help You Overcome

The main reason corporates opt for online training is cost and convenience. It effectively eliminates the expense of paying the instructor, as well as their transport, food, and board. Not to mention, printed materials and lengthy seat time. If the training takes place away from the office, multiply those costs by each employee training participant. Then add the venue rental. Online corporate compliance training solves all these issues. Let’s look into some specific training barriers, and how to use digital tools to vault over them.

eBook Release: Compliance Training LMS Buyer's Guide
eBook Release
Compliance Training LMS Buyer's Guide
Discover how you can implement a compliance training LMS in your workplace without going over your budget.

1. Imparting Real-World Experience

Instructor-Led courses are more passive in nature. The trainer can explain things, and you can ask questions. But you can’t actually experience (non)compliance situations for yourself. A compliance training LMS offers a far more immersive experience, and there are lots of tools at your disposal. Branching scenarios, VR activities, and simulations are all ways to gain real-world experience. Emotive sound effects, ambient surround sound, and haptic tools all help your training experience feel real. You learn things hands-on, developing context you can’t match in face-to-face sessions. Plus, employees have the chance to make mistakes without incurring fines in a safe environment. So that they don’t repeat them in the workplace when it really counts.

2. Breaking Down Geographical Barriers

Sometimes, the benefit of online compliance software is more practical. You might have remote workers, external partners, franchises, or regional branches. They can’t just fly in for training, not without immense expense and inconvenience. Compliance online training can reach them wherever they are. They just need an internet connection, a user account, and log-ins. And if you’re constructing your compliance course via a compliance training LMS, you have broader language options as well. Especially if the platform offers multilingual support, something to add to your shopping list.

3. Holding Employee Training Participants’ Attention

Think about your school days, and how often your mind drifted off in class. Even in those subjects you've enjoyed. As an adult, it’s even harder to stay focused, because there’s so much more distract us. While we may eagerly sign up for a 4-day workshop, we’ll probably only focus on 22 hours total. And in a compliance scenario, this can literally cost millions, in dollars and lives. Because the part where you lost focus might be the part that really matters. Online compliance courses can be split into 5-minute bits. And even the most frazzled person can focus for 5 minutes.

4. Synchronizing Training Sessions

External training was considered effective because it took you out of your typical environment. Out-of-town seminars are thought to remove all distractions, including home responsibilities. So, the assumption is you’ll get more done because, for that period, you have nothing to do but train. The office can’t afford to lose too much time, and larger employee training participant numbers equal deeper discounts. Thus, you try to batch as many employee training participants as possible, to limit the loss of billable hours. This presents another challenge, simultaneous free time. It can be difficult to line up everyone at once. An LMS resolves this because there’s no mass-training expense or scheduling conflict. Plus, everyone can train whenever it’s most convenient and get the individualized attention they deserve. Because the compliance training LMS allows for anytime, anywhere access to the compliance resources.

5. Getting New Hires On The Same Page

Compliance requirements change from time to time, and compliance licenses are renewed on a clock. Meaning employee training participants may need refresher courses and re-qualification exams once a year. If the regulations in question are industry-wide, your staff may have to travel for a joint industry seminar. What happens to the new employee who joined in mid-year or mid-quarter? They missed the prior training, and now risk non-compliance fines. Worse, they may be cut off from certain opportunities, because they don’t have compliance documents. With an LMS, any employee training participant can review the course at any time. So, your staff is always on-task and their compliance status remains uncompromised. No matter what time of the year they were hired. They’re also able to share experiences with remote peers and discuss compliance issues via the compliance training software. Which means they tap into the power of social learning to bridge knowledge gaps.

6. Defining Training Paths For Special Needs

When you’re training hundreds of people at a conference, you can’t focus on each one. And you certainly can’t tailor individual training paths. You might break the conference down by topic, but you can’t guarantee you won’t clash schedules. Employee training participants may miss out on essential classes that were accidentally given the same time slot. With a corporate compliance training LMS, employee training participants can access all lessons at their convenience. Even better, they can review at will, something that’s unavailable to seminar participants. After the workshop, employee training participants can re-read their notes and handouts. But they can’t re-sit the class without waiting a year and paying again. Online learners can, anytime they want.

Compliance training is an essential but sometimes thankless undertaking. Can using compliance online training software resolve some of its challenges? Yes. But how? It can impart more contextual lessons with real-world applications. It facilitates training for staffers in other locations, even if they speak different languages. Interactive, immersive LMS tools can help learners absorb and remember more. Employee training participants are able to start the course at any time and finish at their own pace. Or even pre-select compliance classes that apply to them and leave out the rest. Finally, you don’t have to lock down synchronized time slots or shut down the whole office for training.

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