The automobile has evolved tremendously since the 1886 Benz Patent Motorwagen, generally considered as the world’s first car. To show how many important inventions were implemented on the automobile since its beginnings, Kia has released an animated film that shows the most significant breakthroughs from each decade.

Starting with the combustion engine in the 1880s and ending with the GPS system in the 2000s, “The Evolution of the Modern Car” animated film is a welcome reminder of how far the car has come since its early days. It also shows how many things we take for granted in our cars nowadays. Can anyone imagine the modern car without rubber tires or electric starter? I guess not.

So why would Kia want to review the history of the modern car? Well, it’s a promotional video portraying the Korean carmaker as a company that wants to lead the charge for the future of car technology instead of looking towards the past.

You can watch the animated film after the break.

By Dan Mihalascu