May 9, 2003 — JavaWorld proudly announces the finalists for its 2003 JavaWorld Editors' Choice Awards . Established in 1997, the awards recognize innovative companies, organizations, and individuals for their commitment to developing new Java tools and technologies. Finalists were chosen from more than 150 products and technologies nominated by vendors and JavaWorld readers, editors, and writers.

JavaWorld's panel of judges—consisting of JavaWorld editors and contributors—participated in several rounds of voting to determine which products or technologies most deserve finalist status. In choosing the finalists, the judges carefully weighed each product or technology on the basis of its features and functions, as well as its impact in advancing Java as a language and/or platform. Eligible products or technologies must have shipped on or before April 1, 2003.

Please note that finalists are listed in alphabetical order per category. One winner will be named in each category on June 9, 2003 to coincide with the JavaOne conference in San Francisco that week.

Here are the finalists:

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