Processing the Cube

Let's process our new cube, and then take a look at the results via the Preview pane on the Data tab.

1.      Select Tools from the main menu.

2.      Click Process Cube, as shown below.

Illustration 21: Select Tools à Process Cube

NOTE: We might have alternatively chosen the Process Cube button depicted in Illustration 22. Another means is right-clicking the cube, and selected Process Cube from the context menu.

Illustration 22: Process Cube Button

The Save the Cube dialog appears as shown below.

Illustration 23: The Save the Cube Dialog

3.      Click Yes.

The Cube: New Name dialog appears.

4.      Name the cube Fin_Rptg, as shown in Illustration 24.

Illustration 24: The Cube: New Name Dialog

5.      Click OK.

A message box (shown below) appears warning that the cube has no aggregates designed, and asking if we want to design aggregations prior to processing the cube.

Illustration 25: Warning Message Box: No Aggregates Designed

6.      Click No.

The Process a Cube dialog appears, as shown in Illustration 26. The Full Process option is selected by default, as this is the first time the cube has been proposed for processing.

Illustration 26: The Process a Cube Dialog

7.      Click OK.