Chapter 288 Lunchtime



Cracking her neck, Ilea appeared outside of the dungeon. The others were already around, two of the elves sleeping on their bedrolls, the fabric looking more luxurious than any sleeping bags she had ever seen, even on earth. Each had chosen a dark color, either because of their status as Cerithil hunters or to be a little camouflaged. Ilea noted it wasn’t night, Terok and the brown haired elf called Neiphato adding ingredients to a black metal pot hanging over a small fire. It smelled, like food. Nothing particularly good but she doubted any of them had an assortment of spices with them.

“Thought you guys just eat human meat.” She said, walking towards the two. Elfie wasn’t around but she assumed he was somewhat close by. Perhaps he was still exhausted from their conversation a week ago.

Neiphato looked at her, realizing she was talking to him and not the dwarf. He gulped, “Some do like human flesh. Yes. Especially lower leveled ones with little muscle are considered a delicacy. We do eat other things as well. Some have even sworn off meat.”

“Any of them actually go through with that?” Ilea asked, crouching down over the pot and sniffing the broth.

The elf looked at her and nodded, “I believe so. The ones I knew countered their lust for meat with more hunting and killing. I do not think it makes sense.”

She chuckled, “How’s the map Terok?” The dwarf hadn’t talked yet but even in his armor she thought he looked tired and worn. He had risen to level one ninety three at least. Not yet at two hundred but close enough.

“Ilea… that city is bigger than you think. A month was not nearly enough time.”

His voice was soft, careful, “You can have another then or two.” She simply replied.

Terok stumbled backwards, (...)