They call their creations “digital couture”. Pinar & Viola (aka Pinar Demirdag and Viola Renate) are one of the most active and involved image maker duos in Paris. In a “Next Gen Surrealist” spirit, they create imaginary scenarios that reflect a sensation, an event or a change that will mark coming years.

After being invited by Ikea to create a collection of prints in their own name, Pinar & Viola are now launching a collection of “garments that heal” with five one-of-a-kind pieces to be auctioned off on June 29, 2016. They’re very familiar with the fashion world, and are often called to participate in it: following This is Chorus et Koché, they’ve been invited to the Amsterdam Fashion Week with Amber Slooten for the first show to combine holograms with real-life models on the catwalk. Pinar explains that they want to “create a future where we treat our clothes like we treat our friends, creating unique ties with them that go beyond the material”. For the occasion, they’ll be using Magic Leap, a holographic projection tool that Google is developing.

From lifestyles to fashion, from clips for MTV to videos for Nike, the pair have also created a line of Limoges porcelain dishes with a lovely kitsch feel. And through charismatic partnerships, they’ve established themselves as icons of a new wave of creators who’ve grown up in the digital culture and who combine social issues with in-depth reflections with digital technologies.


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