Netcoole moves ASP apps to J2EE

August 8 — Netcoole's J-ASP 3.0 provides a graphical user interface that enables the migration of Microsoft Active Server Pages (ASP) applications to JavaServer Pages (JSP) or Java servlet applications that run on any Web servers that support JSP/servlets.

Pramati enhances app server

August 8 — Pramati has improved performance and manageability with its Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) app server, Pramati Server 3.5. The Dynamic Content Caching framework increases performance of production applications, and extensive analytics capability has been added to the Server Management Console.

Tangosol improves cache architecture

August 8 — Tangosol's Coherence 2.2, the clustered JCache software for enterprise Java and grid computing platforms, offers cache server process support out-of-the-box, configurable thread pools, and cache statistic standardization.

Embarcadero upgrades DT/Studio

August 8 — Embarcadero Technologies has released DT/Studio 2.0, a data integration solution. Support for message queues, object reusability, and enhanced workflow has been included.

Aonix takes on NewMonics

August 8 — Aonix, a supplier of mission-critical embedded software solutions, has acquired NewMonics and its PERC product line, a real-time Java platform for network infrastructure and telematics applications.

IBM alphaWorks provides product trio

August 8 — IBM alphaWorks offers Solution Enabler 2.2, JAR Class Finder, and Jikes Bytecode Toolkit. The Solution Enabler framework helps developers create and deploy applications locally or to remote machines with various operating systems. JAR Class Finder is a WSAD/Eclipse plug-in utility that finds JAR files containing a given class for a project's Java build path and resolves NoClassDefFound exceptions. The Jikes Bytecode Toolkit is a Java class library that has been updated with bug fixes, performance improvements, and two new sample projects.

Innoopract plugs into Eclipse

August 8 — Innoopract has launched its Eclipse Plugin for visual development of HTML-based user interfaces. Innoopract combines its Eclipse Plugin with its W4 technology to ease development of Web-based user interfaces.

Avaki enables grid technology

August 1 — Avaki has released Avaki Data Grid 4.0, grid-based technology that helps organizations to provision, access, and integrate distributed data from heterogeneous systems.

AlachiSoft unveils TierDeveloper 3.0

August 1 — TierDeveloper 3.0, an object-to-relational mapping and code generation tool, is now integrated with BEA WebLogic 7.1/8.1 and JBoss 3.2.x, and has added database support for MySQL.

Pramati partners with Savvion

August 1 — Pramati Technologies will provide the Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) application server engine for the Savvion BusinessManager, a system that transforms business processes to automated Web-based applications.

New version of Arjuna Message Service delivered

August 1 — Arjuna Technologies has implemented Java Message Service (JMS) 1.1, optimized client-server transfer protocols, and extended server administration protocols in Arjuna Message Service 3.0.

Arjuna also announced the early access availability of Arjuna XML Transaction Service (XTS). XTS provides coordination infrastructure to support business transactions across multiple Web services.

Blue Pumpkin embeds Data Junction technology

August 1 — Blue Pumpkin has integrated Data Junction technology into its Workforce Optimization Suite, bringing together information between the Blue Pumpkin Fusion platform and its customers' applications and systems.

Jeta Software releases Abeille 1.4

July 25 — Abeille 1.4 is a Java-based data browser, model viewer, and prototyping tool for relational databases. The latest release supports DB2, Oracle, HSQLDB, McKOI, MySQL, and PostgreSQL.

FileNet partners with Ilog

July 25 — FileNet and Ilog have partnered to provide FileNet Business Process Manager and Ilog JRules integration for data exchange of business objects between the two products.

Manning unveils AspectJ in Action

July 25 — Ramnivas Laddad's AspectJ in Action starts with basic AspectJ concepts and then teaches you how to develop features of an AspectJ system including resource pooling, caching, thread-safety, authentication and authorization, and transaction management.

Log into JMyra

July 25 — JMyra 2.0.1, a Java logging and monitoring platform, gives users online access to log messages, statistical data, information about running threads, and memory usage. In addition to its own logging API, JMyra 2.0.1 supports log4j, the Apache Commons Logging API, and the Java Logging API (JDK 1.4 or later).

Hoplo eCMS streamlines workflow

July 25 — Hoplo's Electronic Catalog Management System (eCMS) 1.0 is a Java-based Web application that helps businesses organize and modify their product catalogs. The catalog's online version includes a search engine and keyword-like meta-information to direct users to the proper content.

Information Builders extends Web services offerings

July 25 — Information Builders has released a Java API for the company's WebFocus product. Developers can now make WebFocus calls from directly within the Java environment using this API.

IronGrid adds new IronTrack product family

July 25 — IronTrack SQL 1.0 is the first product in IronGrid's new IronTrack product family. IronTrack enables Java performance tuning by displaying database usage over time for all SQL queries in any Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) application, comparing performance metrics to provide analysis and solve performance problems, and automating performance testing via Ant-based assertions.

OSCache 2.0 beta upgraded

July 25 — OSCache 2.0, a Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) caching solution, now includes support for grouping of cache entries, and can distribute caches across a cluster. Documentation has also been revamped.

VIBE offers infrastructure support

July 25 — Visual Information Broker Enterprise (VIBE) is an IDE that automates the design and development of infrastructure components for distributed, cross-platform applications. Infrastructure support includes relational-to-object mappers and XML-to-object mappers, and support for Java Message Service (JMS)-compliant messaging products.

QA Systems introduces QStudio for Java Enterprise

July 18 — QStudio for Java Enterprise is a tool that lets software process managers and developers automatically inspect and control the quality of Java-based source code. The tool offers enterprise-level and role-based control and reporting on quality metrics; compliance analysis; trend analysis; and more.

Manning announces Jess in Action

July 18 — In Jess in Action, author Ernest Friedman-Hill presents a guide to rule-based system development in Java. Released by Manning Publications, the book covers the Jess language and walks the reader through rule-based applications.

CodeRally 1.1.0 now available

July 18 — CodeRally is a Java-based, real-time programming game based on the Eclipse platform. Version 1.1.0 features a new preference page for changing server information; removal of single-class file restriction; removal of 16-KB submission restriction; and more.

RadView rolls out new software

July 18 — RadView has introduced WebLOAD Analyzer, a software solution for diagnosing and pinpointing production performance problems prior to an application's rollout. The company has also recently released WebFT 2.5 and WebLOAD 6.0 with Web services support.

OpenDemand and Compuflex partner

July 18 — OpenDemand Systems and Compuflex International have together agreed to deliver OpenLoad-WebAccel PowerPack, a rapid application development (RAD) and rapid performance optimization (RPO) platform. The platform enables developers to build and test database-enabled JavaServer Pages applications five to eight times faster than traditional development tools.

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