Just because cats sleep 15 hours a day (and some kitties get up to 20 hours of shut-eye each day), that doesn't make them lazy. And the subreddit r/CatsWithJobs is here to prove it.

This online community is dedicated to pictures of felines caught in the middle of their work, and it has amassed quite the collection since its creation in 2017.

Whether it's a serious portrait, honoring a cat who just donated blood or a humorous shot of a "repair kitty" who fell asleep in the toolbox, r/CatsWithJobs has all the careers these furry creatures can "apply" for, and we are so ready for it

#1 Fire Prevention Officer Max

Image credits: ShapeShiftingCats

#2 This Is "Lil' Kim". She Works At My Local Record Shop And Greets Every Customer. Last Time I Was In, I Kneeled Down To Pet Her And She Climbed Into My Arms And Made Me Carry Her During Most Of My Shopping Trip

Image credits: mr-tony-stark

#3 Momma Mia Just Donated Blood To Save Another Kitty In The Icu, Because That's What Heroes Do.. And Also For Salmon

Image credits: daabilge

#4 Reviewer Score Booster

Image credits: Veilwinter

#5 The Security Guy In Istanbul, Turkey

Image credits: reddit.com

#6 Office Brochures Came In Today

Image credits: unrecklessabandon

#7 He Lied On His Resume, But Got The Job Anyway

Image credits: Nikachuu

#8 Shout Out To Tiddles For Almost 20 Years Of Church Cat Service

Image credits: Tucker_Bio

#9 How Are You Feeling Today?

Image credits: KadinlTurk

#10 Melon Cop

Image credits: catswithbangs

#11 Bookstore Employee In Kaui’i

Image credits: kelserah

#12 Caught The Repair Man Sleeping On The Job

Image credits: saggy-stepdad

#13 Lawyer Cat

Image credits: DaBrownBoi

#14 Professional Actor! Cactor? No?

Image credits: iamstelliferous

#15 Cat As Luxury Background

Image credits: ssknurt

#16 This Is The Only Employee I Would Need Anyway

Image credits: royrogersmcfreely12

#17 Major Chivas - Cat Firefighter From Kyiv, Ukraine. He Has A Rank, A Uniform, And He Sleeps In A Paper Tray Inside The Chief's Office

Image credits: MisterDreavus

#18 Steve Loves All The Fresh Mountain Air He Gets With His Trucking Job. Your Freight Is In Good Paws With Him

Image credits: 3spoopy_5me

#19 The Kitten My Boyfriend Found While On A Job Now Works At The Flower Shop With My Mom

Image credits: cursepurgeplus

#20 Construction Worker Kitty

Image credits: unitedwemosh

#21 George Is A Great Administrator

Image credits: saratonln

#22 Cat Hangs Around A Hospital For A Year, Ends Up Getting Hired As A Security Cat

Image credits: AutoCrosspostBot

#23 Head Of Security. His Name Is Portakal (Orange In Turkish) And He Loves Watching Security Footage

Image credits: YekMert

#24 Academe Cat Portraying For, And Proofreading Book

Image credits: -Jude

#25 The Whole Kitten Receptionist Team, Working Hard!

Image credits: astro-mechanic

#26 Today Mia Was A Blood Donor For A Tiny Kitten With Flea Anemia! As Payment She Got Wet Food, A Tiny Bit Of Ice Cream, And The Entire Blood Bank Toy Bin

Image credits: daabilge

#27 This Is Lola. She Works At Lowe's

Image credits: scorchdearth

#28 This Is Narco, The Cat At The Pharmacy I Work At. Instead Of Helping, He Just Rips Up Our Chairs And Sleeps All Day. Somehow, He Still Gets Paid The Most Though

Image credits: crispy-mango

#29 Our New Receptionist Started Today.. I Feel Like She Lied About Her Experience On Her Resume

Image credits: Kittentails3000

#30 The Elections Are In Good Hands

Image credits: mohRift

#31 Owner/Shop Manager For 14 Years

Image credits: itsmrgomez

#32 The Public Relations Officer At My University Campus

Image credits: bincjj

#33 Local Garden Store Cashier Is Employee Of The Month... Coworkers Blame Nepotism

Image credits: theharlowquinn

#34 Cat Helping Owner Sell Jewelry

Image credits: ItsRumi

#35 Looking To Protect Yourself, Or Deal Some Damage?

Image credits: UpwardsBeliever

#36 Late Fee Enforcer

Image credits: reddit.com

#37 Tailor Cat

Image credits: SterlingBoardman1

#38 My Dormitory Guards

Image credits: -gsezgin