The Schindler Group knows how to move people. The innovative maker of elevators and escalators contributes daily to the sustainable mobility of people in the world’s largest cities. Plus, with Adobe Experience Manager and Adobe Analytics, both part of Adobe Marketing Cloud, the company is moving people to its website more efficiently with customer-centric web experiences.

“Adobe Experience Manager is a comprehensive tool,” says Michael M. Schmidt, head of employee and customer communications at the Schindler Group. “We can deliver the most relevant content to site visitors in our markets and cater to their needs. It has made the difference between just pushing information to customers and truly engaging them with richer content. As a result, we’ve seen increased acceptance and usage of our websites.”

By responding to customer preferences, the company has increased the percentage of visitors who say they’d recommend Schindler’s sites to friends or colleagues to 75%, and visitors who find the sites visually appealing to 90%.