This week Tello announced a price revision for many of its plan options designed to offer better value to its customers. For example, through Tello Mobile customers can now get unlimited talk and text as well as 1GB data for just $14 per month. Before this promotion the same plan would have cost $19 per month. In fact, as part of the promotion the unlimited talk and text along with 2GB data per month now only costs $19. Therefore, another way of looking at the price drops is you can now get more data than you could before but for the same price. For those needing even more data there is also a new 4GB plan (with unlimited talk and text) which now comes in at $29 per month.

While these prices and plans are good as a guide, one of the major selling points with Tello is how customers can choose the plan that best suits their need. This is irrespective of whether choosing based on the amount of data needed or the desired budget, as Tello has no restrictions on how customized a plan can be. It is just a matter of choosing the amount of data you want or the price you want to pay. As for these current plans, they are now in effect on the company’s website and are available to both new and existing customers.

For those new to Tello Mobile, this is an MVNO which utilizes Sprint’s network for its coverage. In addition to specifically looking to provide value on its plan options, Tello omits any and all additional charges often found with providers through its “no fees whatsoever” policy. This means there are no down payments involved, or any fees for ending or changing a plan. In fact, consumers are able to change their plan as often as they want or need, so one could effectively jump from the 1GB data plan for $14 this month to the 4GB data plan for $29 next month, and then back again depending on the customer’s needs for that particular month. Additional benefits on offer with Tello include 24/7 customer service, tethering, free calls to Canada, Mexico and China, as well as a 60 second sign-up process. You can see a full breakdown of the current prices compared to their older prices below.

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