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With this tutorial article, MDX at First Glance: Introduction to MDX Essentials, we began the new MDX Essentials Series. Our objective in this lesson was to introduce the MDX query in its simplest form. We took a look at some of the basic keywords, focusing only on simple queries, as a basis upon which to build in later lessons. In this lesson, we began a discussion of the elements of the MDX language that will carry forward as we progress through the series, and then performed practice activities, as we will do throughout the entire MDX Essentials series, to reinforce the concepts we introduce.

We explored the rudiments of MDX queries within their simplest contexts (syntax), and introduced several terms (semantics) that were applicable as they arose. We provided a brief introduction to MDX, and then discussed several basic keywords commonly used in MDX. We examined a breakdown of a simple MDX query into its component parts, comparing and contrasting MDX to SQL where useful. Finally, we discussed other relevant introductory keywords and components throughout the lesson as part of creating and executing basic MDX queries.

In our next lesson, Structure of the MDX Data Model, we will introduce the MDX data model, together with numerous of its components. These components will include cubes, dimensions, and several other terms we have already exposed. We will focus on the composition and use of tuples and sets in detail, and provide hands-on exposure to these building blocks. Rules of syntax will be emphasized, and will provide a basis for more complex query building later in the series. Finally, we will step through practice exercises to demonstrate tangible results to reinforce our discussions with examples.

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