Yasmeen-Ghauri.com, my cute little pet site, is moved to the sunny side of the world - DreamHost, CA. Since I have all positive experiences with DH so far, I decided to move YG site as well.

General pages should be quicker as DH, being hosting provider, has a lot more bandwidth than Finsoft does. Old site used ASP thus YG.com once again presented itself as a perfect playground to learn new stuff - PHP.

Naturally, the Talk section (news and articles) now runs on WordPress instead of MT.

Design refacto…err, refinement

There are thousands of sites of this type: shrines, houses of worship, galleries, etc. My site is probably the only one that validates :) and does not use tables for layout. Visitors have no interest in technology used and by-right should not need to - the only thing that matters is the download time, especially content waiting time. I addressed that part of the story with the previous design.

Second aspect of good web site is its usability and accessibility. With this redesign (an evolution of the previous design) I focused on simple refinements (if this was C# code, it would be called refactoring). I looked for the things that:

  • would improve the overall usefulness

  • move the navigation speed few gears up

  • better emphasize important parts (visual eye-catching)