Google is reportedly rolling out RCS (Rich Communication Services) features to a select number of Google Messenger 2.0 users. This will allow the app to add support for things that aren’t currently available for SMS messaging services.

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January 5, 2016

It looks like multiple users have been alerted to the new Google Messenger RCS features with popup messages, along with new menu settings that can be turned on and off: “Enable enhanced features” (which uses data for messaging if it is available), along with “Send read receipts,” and “Show typing indicators.”


The report says that so far, the RCS features have been enabled with Sprint customers who have a Google Pixel XL and Nexus 6P. It also points out that carriers have to support RCS on their networks. Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile do, but unfortunately Verizon does not, so if you have a Pixel from them, you are out of luck.

It’s very likely Google is testing this feature out on a limited number of Google Messenger users before it rolls it out to (nearly) everyone else (again, sorry Verizon subscribers). Google has been preparing for this move for a long time; in September 2015, it acquired messaging startup Jibe Mobile that was working with the RCS platform

Have you been lucky enough to get this RCS feature on your phone with Google Messenger 2.0? If so, let us know your thoughts and impressions in the comments.

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