Extensions are small software programs that enable your browser of choice to do more than Google search. There are tons of extensions available for various browsers, but the options below are well-suited for the content marketers using Chrome.


DrumUp’s chrome extension gives content recommendations and lets you schedule posts to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn as you browse. It is worth noting that this platform generates highly-customized content streams based on your one-time positive and negative keyword inputs.



The Pinterest extension makes visual content curation much easier. The small Pin It button allows you to hover over an image and add it to your boards when you’re cruising through your favorite websites. If Pinterest is a crucial part of your branding strategy, this extension is a must.



Clipular is a simple camera and image collection tool. As a reporter, I find this extension very useful when I need pictures to illustrate my point of view. To use Clipular, you can simply keep dragging the highlighted selection while you clip, and then the screen will start scroll up, down, left or right automatically.

Awesome Screenshot

Awesome Screenshot claims that it is “the highest rated, most downloaded image capture, annotation and image collaboration service on Chrome.” It functions like Clipular, but it gives you more options for where to capture an image. However, Awesome Screenshots differs from Clipular in that it has more editing features.


If you are looking to add a sense of humor to your content with GIFs or animated stickers, Giphy is here to help. To create a GIF, you can enter your select theme, say Star Wars, and the platform will surface a number of options. Then you can click and drag the image to embed it anywhere.  

via giphy.com

Check My Links

Check My Links is a simple yet useful tool that scans all links across your webpages to find broken ones. Those broken links can affect your ranking on Google, Yahoo and Bing, so you cannot go wrong if you use this extension to go over each item that needs to be checked.

Check My Link


Grammatical errors make you look bad as a content marketer, but it’s easy for little mistakes to slip by when you’re editing by yourself. Grammarly can help detect plagiarism and instantly check your grammar, punctuation and style.


Hootsuite Hootlet

I use Hootsuite to schedule ClickZ‘s Twitter and LinkedIn posts. Hootsuite’s Chrome extension Hootlet definitely helps me save a few minutes every time I share something on social.  

Hootlet automatically shortens a URL and grabs text from a site for quick sharing. However, if you want to have a thorough view of your content stream and scheduled posts, you still need to log into the Hootsuite website, where you can monitor your social performance across different platforms.



This extension immediately shows the share data, including the removed Twitter shares, for any webpage. No matter whether you want to do a quick analysis on your own site or your competitors’ webpages, the BuzzSumo extension could solve your problems.



How often do you keep more than 20 tabs open simultaneously? OneTab is a smart add-on that converts all of your tabs into a list, which saves battery power and makes your online surfing more organized.


OneTab can reduce clutter and like the other nine extensions highlighted, make your digital life easier. Which add-on is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.