"On my desk, I always have a lemon or a lime drying. I love the fragrance. Also, a Staedtler eraser, a brush for the eraser and a pencil sharpener." -Maira Kalman
Sketching Limes Process Video with @robenmarie

Interested in Learning More?

Interested in sketching?  Take a look at this article: Sketchbook Roundup and Guide. I offer up ideas to get you started, including inspiration and a free download of my Take & Sketch Guide.  

I know, you're thinking, "That is all well and good, but I can't draw a stick figure!" Have you tried?  I mean, not to draw a stick figure, but real sketching? LOL! For many years I envied those who could sketch, wishing I had the talent, too.  

My sketching style is not realistic, but instead one my husband calls "comic book abstract." What does that even mean?  I embrace it and love to see what emerges when I sketch...the quirky, odd and abstract!  

Keep in mind that practice is essential.  There are many times when my sketch ends up in a ball at the bottom of my trash can. Be patient and try not to get discouraged.  I say that for you and a reminder to myself.


Paper or Plastic?

You might be wondering why I use paper as my palette instead of a plastic tray, right?  I know it seems a bit weird, but it works for me. I have tried using the plastic lid on my watercolor case, but I kept gravitating to paper. I don't find it wasteful because I am left with a beautiful watercolor paper to use later.  It ends up being random and I love that!

Do you keep a sketchbook? 

How would you describe your style?

Have a  blessed day!