NetBeans IDE 6.9 is released and is now available.  There is a video guided tour of NetBeans 6.9 which you can find here.  Additionally, there are a number of new videos covering the new release -
- Editing Java Code in NetBeans 6.9
- Using JavaFX Composer in NetBeans IDE 6.9
- Creating Applications on NetBeans Platform 6.9
- Zend Framework Support in NetBeans IDE for PHP
- Ruby Support in NetBeans 6.9
- PHP Support in NetBeans 6.9
If you want a quick snapshot of the feature list, you can find it here.  All the 6.9 tutorials are here. Also available are installation instructions and release notes.  If you are into building RCP applications - you can find the NetBeans Platform overview here.  You can find NetBeans on twitter as well.  There will be the usual mad rush to download it - it is right now a slow download.