A luxuriously pink festive world dances before our eyes in director Betrand Avril’s animation 'L'Escargot, une histoire de Lanvin' for the brand Lanvin Nestlé, produced by TROUBLEMAKERS.tv. Art directed by Kim Dulaney and inspired by the delicate spiral form of the chocolate Escargot, the film takes us on a winding journey through a Parisian universe of recognizable monuments, Hausmanian architecture and the extravagance of years past. The lively jazzy music carries us dreamily onwards on our voyage through the ever-changing visuals. Image and sound thus come together to capture the spirit of winter and the impressive cultural heritage of Lanvin.

Client Lanvin Nestlé
Agency J. Walter Thompson Paris
Creative Director Thomas Derouault
Art Director Laura Moreau
CopywriterJohan Tchang-Minh
TV ProducerPatricia Chemoul
Account Director Delphine Loyaux
Project ManagerChloé Girard
Production CompanyTROUBLEMAKERS.tv
DirectorBertrand Avril
Producer James Hagger
Production CoordinatorFelipe Bernard
Production AssistantRebecca Oxland-Isles
Artistic DirectorKim Delaney
Modeling Elodie dos Santos
ModelingSébastien Camrrubi
Rigging Pierre Lippens
Animation Pierre Lippens
Animation Marion Szymczak
FX Soufiane Kachade
RenderingAlexandre Scalvino
Rendering Bertrand Avril
Compositing Nuke Timothée Vigoureux
Colour GraderRaphaël Thibault
Post-Production SoundKouz Production