When freelancers decide to get a part-time job people assume they’re experiencing a dry spell.

But getting a part-time job can actually benefit you in more ways than simply being another income source. Here are some reasons having a part-time job can be a calculated move:

1. Interview Practice

Freelancing is something that you may not want to do for an entire lifetime. Instead, it can be a stepping stone to another job that’s more fulfilling than your last one.

You never know; a full-time job can become available with an awesome company that gives you autonomy and a steady paycheck.

However, you may miss out on this opportunity if your interviewing skills are a tad bit rusty.

Interviewing with confidence and poise is an art form that takes practice to master.

Consider pursuing part-time jobs here and there to put yourself on the hot seat again.

Even if you’re not that interested in a part-time job, some suggest you should interview for positions you don’t want anyway in case it leads to an opportunity.

2. Human Contact

Freelancers tend to work alone.

While this independence attracts many people to the profession, working alone for years upon years can cause you to forget important collaborative skills you gain while being an employee.

Some related skills include public speaking, conflict resolution, and strategizing in-person. These are skills that are worth maintaining since they can help you when managing employees or dealing with difficult clients.

A part-time job that takes up just a few hours of the week may help keep your social intelligence sharp.

Another point to mention is that freelancing can be isolating and, in some cases, it can even lead to anxiety and depression. Human contact is something you may want to add to your schedule if you’re feeling lonely.

3. Referrals and Networking

Casual part-time jobs can be a great way to meet new people especially if you’re a freelancer who’s moved to a new location. 

Jobs like ride sharing, bartending, or even working check out at a store related to your business can help you meet potential clients.

It’s also not uncommon for other professionals to have part-time jobs as well, so you may find new opportunities through your coworkers.

4. Inside Perspective on What’s Going on in Your Industry

The world of traditional employment is always changing. As a freelancer, you probably still work with larger companies on the scene albeit on a contract basis.

It may be worthwhile to step your toe back into an employee role to see what’s happening from that perspective. Being immersed in a new environment and discovering evolving technologies in the workplace can inspire new ideas for your business.

And since flexible work is becoming a more popular employee benefit, you may even find a desirable full-time position comes up when you dabble in part-time work.

Final Word

When freelancers “go back to work” it’s often viewed as a sign of failure.

But there are instances when you can benefit from becoming a part-time employee even if you aren’t in desperate need of cash.

If you’re looking for permission to grab a second job, here it is:

Put in an application, dust off your professional dress, and see what’s out there.

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