As might be expected, every dimension level comes equipped with member key and member name properties, each of which can be easily modified by the developer. More than one column name can be used, as we have seen above, to create the value for the Name Column properties. As long as the expression returns a string or a number, practically any SQL expression that is acceptable to the relational data source will work in the property value.

Having handled the Account names that will be created in our cube, let's do something similar for the Store dimension. The Category dimension consists of member naming that makes intuitive sense, as we will see upon our initial cube generation, so we will simply swap the name for the id number that previously occupied the Category member level.

46.  Drag the store_id field from the store table over to drop onto the Store dimension in the cube tree.

47.  Right-click the store_id level that appears.

48.  Select Rename from the context menu, and type in Store.

49.  Click the Basic tab in the Properties pane.

50.  Select the Member Name Column property.

51.  Type the following into the property field:

CStr("store"."store_number") + ' ' + "store"."store_name"

For an explanation of the CStr function, with which we have prefaced our expression above, see the immediately preceding discussion of its use within the Account Member Name Column property.