Windows while being very customizable can be a bit boring with all the stock themes and wallpapers. Maybe you’re looking for a free antivirus that will not eat up all your ram or simply just a software that can help make the windows experience marvelously better!

Here I have mentioned 10 free software for windows that can enhance the user experience.


from Malwarebytes Official Website

No, Malwarebytes is not paying me a single dime to write flattery articles about them. I found this software when I realized that there was a worm eating up all my ram and destroying my user experience. This particular antivirus has a very small size and can detect and remove worms and all sorts of malware in a single click. I personally tried other antiviruses like Avast and AVG but Malwarebytes performed the best out of the mentioned. It is free to use, although there’s a premium version to access all the features like real-time protection.

Here’s the link to download the antivirus if you’re interested:

Free Download Manager

Free Download Manager is a more versatile download manager while being open source and completely free to use without any ads. The download manager allows you to download your favorite cat videos from YouTube or any other websites you might be visiting. Downloading FDM (Free Download Manager) can help you get rid of extra software like uTorrent or BitTorrent. Whilst, they have a place of their own in torrenting, but lately, I haven’t used or felt any need for uTorrent or BitTorrent since FDM can also download your torrent files.



a Rainmeter theme

Here’s a free software for those who want to give their setups a personal touch. Rainmeter is a desktop customization tool that allows customization of your desktops. There are websites where people submit their setups that can be downloaded very easily and applied. There are websites like visual skins that allow you to download pre-built desktop themes. The widgets provided by the Rainmeter are completely customizable to their very core. It all depends on the creativity of the user. Get a bit creative with Rainmeter!

Link to Themes website:

Link to Rainmeter:

Popcorn Time

So, you’re on a budget but you still want to watch your favorite Netflix series or AMC’s walking dead. Popcorn time is free software that allows you to watch new movies and all your favorite series in one platform. You can even watch anime on it. It has a very wide collection of movies, series, and anime that is updated regularly. Popcorn Time is available for both android and windows, but in my personal experience, it works the best on windows!


VLC Media Player

Whenever there’s a discussion for what’s the best media player for Windows, VLC comes on top! It has earned its reputation of “Playing Everything”. VLC developed by VideoLAN project is open-source software that supports a wide variety of audio and video compression methods and playback formats. It can literally play anything you throw at it. Due to its rather humble appearance and user-friendly interface, it’s quite popular even among the non-tech-savvy people. The software also features different customization features to help your viewing experience better. It also gets frequently updated and has a large user community.



CCleaner developed by Piriform is a PC optimizer that boosts your Pc performance measurably. If you ever feel like your computer is slowing down or is acting sluggish, just use CCleaner to get rid of temporary files, Browser’s cache, or unwanted cookies while keeping the important ones. You can even delete unused Registry elements that might be slowing your pc down. These registry elements are left behind when you uninstall software. You can simply use CCleaner to get rid of it!

It is free to use but a premium version adds scheduled cleaning and real-time protection. But the free version is enough for the majority!



LibreOffice is essentially a free version of Microsoft Office 365. LibreOffice supports documents, databases, presentations, spreadsheets, diagrams, and mathematical formulae. Some might even say it is more feature-packed than the paid Microsoft Office 365 due to its very dedicated developer community. The latest feature that the community introduced is the creation of mobile-friendly links through a built-in QR code generator.

It can even modify the documents written originally in MS word without screwing the whole format. The downside of LibreOffice is that editing documents while collaborating with other people can be a bit tricky and requires some technical know-how to implement.



FPS is an acronym for Frames Per Second which an avid gamer is keen about. You can use FRAPS to monitor your game’s FPS. It is an excellent free software that is the simplest among the fps monitors out there. It provides 3 main features. FPS monitoring, Screen Capture, and Screenshots. The software can record frames between two intervals of time which makes it an excellent benchmarking tool. You can choose to display the frames on any corner of the screen. You can take a screenshot or record your gameplay up to a resolution of 7680×4800 with a shortcut key.



Even after two decades of its original release, Audacity remains one of most famous and widely used open-source applications. It is a free audio editor and is supported on Windows, Mac, and Linux alike.

After installing the application, you will have everything you can ask for to edit audio. You can record, edit, and enhance sound files. Thanks to the enormous developer community behind Audacity, you can use third-party libraries to add features that are not available in the application by default. This will allow you to add sound effects and even auto-tune your tracks.

The Interface might look complex, but it can be get used to when you dedicate some time towards it.



Tired of using the default taskbar in windows? Try WINSTEP Nexus. It is a dock just like Mac OS, except its for windows. It is free to use software that replaces your taskbar (although you might want to hide your taskbar manually). It allows you to add launcher icons to your dock just like the conventional taskbar. The standout feature of this dock is its customizability. The icons can be customized as wanted. There are tons of transitions and effects to choose from. It’s an overall good package for those who love tinkering around with their customized personal setups.