Digital Airways introduces new WAP simulator

October 3 — Digital Airways has introduced a new version of Wapaka Web, a Java-based Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) simulator for the Web. Wapaka Web is now compatible with several mobile Internet standards, including WAP 2.0 and cHTML.

Birdstep releases RDM Embedded 7.0

October 3 — Birdstep Technology has released the latest version of its RDM Embedded database management system (DBMS) for developing C/C ++ or Java database applications. RDM Embedded's Java API is based on Java Native Interface (JNI) technology.

Enhydra Shark unleashed

October 3 — Enhydra Shark 1.0, beta 1 has been released. Shark is an open source workflow management system consisting of the Shark Server and client applications (Workflow Administrator and Worklist Handler).

SwingSet swings into action

October 3 — SwingSet is open source Java toolkit that allows the standard Java Swing components to be made database-aware. SwingSet uses SSTextDocument, a PlainDocument extension, to link JTextField or JTextArea to a database column within a RowSet. Custom classes are also provided to replace JComboBox and JCheckBox.

Merant upgrades SCM suite

October 3 — The Merant Professional 8 software configuration management (SCM) suite now includes advanced filtering, single-click column sorting, and label and version browsing. An improved Web client offers differencing and merging capabilities, customizable Web reporting and printing, double-click editing, manual notification, and file attachment.

Norpath improves Norpath Elements Studio

September 26 — Norpath's Norpath Elements Studio 2.1 authoring software lets you create and deliver interactive multimedia and learning applications. It now includes: a runtime theme editor for enhanced application look and feel; an interaction tracker for monitoring messages passed between elements; knowledge elements for creating interactive quizzes and tests; a runtime bookmark; and an email element that allows you to send mail from your application.

Sonic Software strengthens ESB-based Business Integration Suite

September 26 — Sonic Software has added Sonic Orchestration Server, Sonic XML Server, and Sonic Integration Workbench to its enterprise service bus (ESB)-based Sonic Business Integration Suite. Sonic Orchestration Server provides business process management capabilities; Sonic XML Server offers XML processing, storage, and query; and Sonic Integration Workbench provides tools and servers for modeling, testing, and deploying integration projects with the Sonic ESB and layered products in the Business Integration Suite.

Data Junction connects with TeleworX

September 26 — TeleworX now uses Data Junction technology as the embedded database integration component of its JaX fixed network planning and optimization tool. TeleworX imports traffic routing data and equipment information from its customers' databases using a Data Junction technology-based graphical user interface. That information is reformatted and imported into JaX. JaX then utilizes a set of algorithms to automatically optimize network designs and provide routing alternatives.

BBDSoft upgrades jvider

September 26 — BBDSoft's jvider (Java Visual Interface Designer) 1.6 graphical user interface (GUI) builder tool adds GridBagLayout insets control and the ability to extend the component gallery with custom JavaBeans.

1060 Research powers Java-XML integration

September 26 — 1060 Research features 1060 NetKernel, a new open source Java-based virtual Internet OS that includes support for XSLT (Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations), a new declarative markup language and runtime, Simple Tree Manipulation Language, an XPath Document API, and an XML unit test engine.

Insignia collaborates with Accelerated Technology and Symbian

September 19 — Mobile phone OS vendors Accelerated Technology and Symbian will integrate Insignia's Secure System Provisioning (SSP)technology into their respective Nucleus RTOS and Symbian OS 7.0 products.

Renesas partners with Nazomi

September 19 — Renesas and Nazomi have established a cross-licensing agreement that will combine Nazomi's acceleration technology for the Java platform and Renesas's SH-Mobile processors for enhanced performance in advanced mobile phones.

Whizlabs preps developers for certification

September 19 — Whizlabs Software offers the Sun Certified Business Component Developer (SCBCD) certification exam simulator. It consists of five mock exams (350 questions) on the latest pattern in a Web-based simulated environment.

Espial integrates with Macromedia Flash

September 19 — Macromedia and Espial have agreed to integrate Macromedia Flash into the Espial Escape Browser. Consumer devices running Espial technology will support Macromedia Flash content and applications.

Metanology joins Eclipse

September 19 — Metanology has been elected as a supporting member of Eclipse. Additionally, the company introduced new releases of the Model-driven Development Environment (MDE). MDE is an Eclipse-based model-driven development tool that complies with the Object Management Group's Model Driven Architecture (MDA) initiative.

Aonix releases PERC 1.4 platform

September 19 — Aonix has released PERC 1.4 platform, a JVM that provides real-time control for mission-critical networks, industrial automation, and commercial telematics. PERC 1.4 includes profiling tools and a pacing agent that monitors memory allocation and adjusts the scheduling of CPU-time increments for garbage collection.

Hoplo combines CATiX and ARIALiX

September 12 — Hoplo has meshed two of its Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) applications to form the Albacore Business Suite. The suite consists of the CATiX catalog management/e-commerce system and the ARIALiX marketing tools.

jXMLGateway gives XML access

September 12 — jXMLGateway has released version 2.1 of its jXMLGateway product. jXMLGateway includes a Web-based management interface and provides an alternative to Remote Method Invocation (RMI) by creating an instant XML gateway that allows XML-over-HTTP(s)-based access to your Java methods and constructors.

Oracle opens up J2EE 1.4

September 12 — Oracle has made available the Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) 1.4 Developer Preview. The preview is downloadable from the Oracle Technology Network.

Chat away with DeskNow MJ

September 12 — DeskNow has announced DeskNow MJ, a Jabber/Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) instant messaging server component that can be integrated into Java applications to provide fully programmable secure chats and real-time alerts. DeskNow MJ includes a full Jabber client applet that can be used in any Webpage.

Roxes offers tasks for Ant

September 12 — Roxes Technologies provides three open source custom Ant tasks with Roxes Ant Tasks 1.0. The suite includes: sfx, which creates native self-extracting executables out of zip archives; jstub, which creates native executables for Windows, Mac OS X, and Unix out of a working jar archive; and jnlp, which simplifies the development of Java Network Launching Protocol (JNLP) files for Java Web Start.

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