• Neat service, currently in closed beta, allows you to watch movies of your visitors’ interactions with your web site.
    (tags: design)
  • With anti-phishing, crashed session restore, WHAT-WG persistent storage, undo close tab, JavaScript 1.7, bookmark microsummaries, better feed support and more. As usual, you’ll need to tweak to get current extensions to work.
    (tags: firefox)
  • Colin Adam explains how he arrived at a useful yet clear definition of Service Oriented Architecture when put on the spot by a room of business people. He then proceeds to rate some other definitions he has found on the Web.
    (tags: soa)
  • Karl Seguin is learning to do test driven development in .NET, and is chronicling the lessons he learns in his blog. A nice, pragmatic look at the subject that will be useful even if you don’t work in .NET.
  • Microsoft has made Virtual PC for Windows, the recommended method of testing multiple versions of IE on one machine, a free download. You’ll still need a separate Windows XP license to do it, however.
    (tags: ie)
  • A nice breakdown of PHP versions deployed across the Web.
    (tags: php)