Teamstudio for Java audits Java apps

September 13 — Teamstudio has introduced an audit tool for testing, debugging, and documenting Java applications. Teamstudio Analyzer for Java features rules for standards compliance, unused elements, and common coding issues, and includes built-in support for Eclipse, JBuilder, and Ant.

JProfiler points out performance bottlenecks

September 13 — ej-technologies has launched JProfiler, an all-in-one Java profiler for managing performance risks. With support for the major J2EE (Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition) application servers, JProfiler integrates CPU, memory, and thread profiling into one application.

Hitachi announces Quadrasis EASI Express

September 13 — Quadrasis EASI (Enterprise Application Security Integration) Express from Hitachi Computer Products provides prebuilt authentication, authorization, and attribute services for securing C++ and Java applications. The tool features plug-in security for Web services and single sign-on capabilities.

Oak Grove updates workflow engine

September 13 — Reactor 5.0.7, a J2EE (Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition)-based workflow engine from Oak Grove Systems, is Web services enabled. The tool is compatible with the latest releases of most development platforms, application servers, and databases.

Prentice Hall publishes introductory Web services guide

September 13 — In Web Services A Technical Introduction, authors Harvey and Paul Deitel, B. Duwaldt, L. K. Trees, and Sean E. Santry explore Web service business models and standards. The book covers .Net and Java Web services, security, corporate adoption strategies, networks and brokerages, and vendors and platforms. The authors also include case studies that show how organizations can benefit from Web services.

JRockit receives boost from Introscope

September 13 — Wily Technology has incorporated its Introscope enterprise Web application management solution with the BEA WebLogic JRockit JVM. The product integration enables automatic monitoring of WebLogic and all applications running on the server to ensure application performance and availability.

Coldbeans adds more tags to library

September 13 — Coldbeans Software has released a new version of its Coldtags taglib. This suite provides more than 105 custom JSP (JavaServer Page) tags for common programming tasks faced by JSP developers. The latest version includes custom tags resembling Web controls in the .Net framework.

Whizlabs releases test simulator

September 13 — J@Whiz, the test simulator for SCJP 1.4 (Sun Certified Programmer for Java 2 Platform 1.4) exam is now available. It features 10 mock tests, an interactive quiz, and revision tips.

Nextel, Motorola, and Sun sponsor student developer contest

September 6 — The University Wireless Developer contest, launched by Nextel Communications, Motorola, and Sun Microsystems, challenges students to develop Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2ME) applications that ease university life. Winners will receive more than 5,000 in scholarships or grants, wireless handsets, and prizes. The contest ends November 1, 2002.

SPECjAppServer2001 tests J2EE servers

September 6 — The Standard Performance Evaluation Corp. (SPEC) has released SPECjAppServer2001, a benchmark for measuring the performance of Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) application servers connected to a database server. The benchmark tests the Enterprise JavaBeans container in a J2EE 1.2 server.

Cape Clear introduces WSDL tool

September 6 — Cape Clear Software has released a free graphical WSDL (Web Services Description Language) editor for rapid WSDL development. The Cape Clear WSDL Editor includes a graphical environment for viewing and editing WSDL files, a Web services creation wizard, and automated wizards for creating and editing XML Schema, schema array, complex types, simple types, and enumerations.

Demicron enhances WireFusion

September 6 — Demicron has released WireFusion 3, the newest version of the company's drag-and-drop visual-programming tool. WireFusion creates interactive product presentations for the Web in small and platform-independent Java applets. Version 3 includes two add-ons: With WF-3D, users can integrate 3D models and animations into WireFusion. With WF-Video, users can stream MPEG movies into WireFusion presentations without a streaming server or browser plug-in.

Servertec updates database engine

September 6 — Servertec has released Servertec Persistent Object Store 1.1, a cross platform, object-oriented database engine written in Java. The newest version supports modified B-trees and more efficiently stores Dates, BigDecimals, and BigIntegers.

Cortex releases Clover 1.0

September 6 — Clover is Cortex's code coverage tool for Java. An Ant-based tool, Clover tells developers what code sections aren't executing. Version 1.0 features J2SE (Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition) 1.4 support, XML reporting, context filtering, and syntax-highlighted reports.

NetManage adds Java to OnWeb

September 6 — NetManage has announced Java support for OnWeb, its integration product. OnWeb is a multiplatform, server-based, host integration solution that allows companies to access and extend host information, applications, and business processes.

Embarcadero launches new module for DT/Studio

August 30 — Embarcadero Technologies has released the Delta Agent module for DT/Studio, the company's Java-based extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL) application. The new module will let companies leverage real-time data integration across transactional systems. With this new release, DT/Studio also includes enhanced operating speed, a debugger, and an XML reader for Web services.

Tortuga Technologies releases Ozibug 1.2

August 30 — Ozibug 1.2, Tortuga Technologies' Web-based bug tracking system, is implemented as a Java servlet and provides features such as reports, file attachments, email notifications, audit trails, an administration interface, and system statistics. This latest release adds management features to assist in release production.

Coldbeans enhances servlet suite

August 30 — Coldbeans Software has released version 3.0 of JSOS (Java Servlets Office Suite). This collection of Java servlets and filters features more than 55 components for creating Webpages, including collaboration tools, data management tools, and mail readers.

Codemesh adds Linux to JunC++ion

August 30 — Codemesh has upgraded JunC++ion, a tool for integrating Java and C++ components. Version 2.0 includes Linux support.

Sony Ericsson and Metrowerks announce developer challenge

August 23 — Sony Ericsson and Metrowerks are challenging developers to create a "killer application" for the P800 Smartphone, which runs on the Symbian OS and supports PersonalJava and the Java Mobile Information Device Profile (MIDP). Sony Ericcson will feature the winning application on the Smartphone and distribute it at no cost. The challenge runs through October 31, 2002.

esmertec launches micro JVM

August 23 — Jbed Micro Edition CLDC 3.0 is esmertec's version of the Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2ME) Connected Limited Device Configuration. This JVM is based on load-time compliation and features esmertec's FastBCC (Fast ByteCode Compiler) technology.

Visual Mining updates data visualization platform

August 23 — Visual Mining has released NetCharts Server 4.0. This data visualization service combines a Java charting engine with the Tomcat JavaServer Pages engine to generate interactive charts, graphs, tables, and reports.

Manning Publications tackles JSTL

August 23JSTL in Action introduces developers to the JavaServer Pages Standard Tag Library, recently standardized by the Java Community Process. Author Shawn Bayern demonstrates how to use JSTL to write feature-rich, dynamic Webpages.

Sun adds modules to NetBeans

August 23 — NetBeans, Sun Microsystems' open source development platform, now supports additional Java technologies. Sun added 18 new modules to the platform, including Java Data Objects (JDO), Struts support, and Java 3D support.

LogicLibrary adds J2EE Design Patterns to Logidex

August 23 — The LogicLibrary Logidex software lets developers, architects, and business analysts find, understand, and manage software development assets. Now, with integrated J2EE (Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition) Design Patterns, the solution features Universal Modeling Language (UML) representations of the patterns in the Sun Core J2EE Pattern Catalog, code samples mapped to the patterns, and associated documentation.

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