In my last article, we went over how to install SQL Server 2005 and what it entailed. In this article, we will continue by giving you an overview of what the new interface looks like. Let's begin by exploring the menu bar as shown in Figure A.

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Figure A. SQL Server 2005 Menu Bar

SQL Server Books Online

SQL Server has a better look. It feels like a cleaner design and seems easy to navigate. Figure B. illustrates the new look and feel of SQL Server Books Online.

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Figure B: SQL Server Books Online

SQL Computer Manager

The SQL Computer Manager (see Figure C.) provides basic information about your client protocols, client aliases, SQL Server services, protocols, etc.

Figure C. SQL Computer Manager


The SQL Profiler (see Figure D.) is a tool that helps capture or trap specific events to a log or file that you can analyze later. Figure E. illustrates how you would select and choose the specific events to capture.

Figure D. SQL Profiler

Figure E. Trace Properties.