At this point, who hasn’t wanted to bounce the fuck right out of 2020? Take a lesson from Bammie, the adorable Dutch sheep who discovered a trampoline in their owner’s backyard and proceeded to entertain themselves for hours (I bet Bammie is still at it, as we speak). Something about the smooth, hypnotic rhythm of those leaps means that I’ve now got the rest of my weekend planned.

Somewhere in remote Vlagtwedde, in the Groningen province in the Netherlands, is a quaint little farm. And on that farm, there is a sheep. And that sheep has gone viral for all the right reasons. In a video (filmed earlier in April of this year) uploaded to YouTube, and freshly reported by The Daily Mail, the (assumed) owner of the farm films Bammie the sheep from a window as Bammie wanders into view and discovers the massive trampoline in the backyard.

After a few sniffs, Bammie heaves themselves onto the mat, jumps––and then NEVER STOPS JUMPING, much to the delight of the owner’s kid who watches and provides commentary from inside the house. At one point, the kid starts jumping along in excitement, and Bammie notices they’ve got an audience. Bammie then begins to imitate the kid jumping inside. It’s some much-needed visual Prozac for the soul. And sorry to those trampolinists who are hoping to get a medal at next year’s Olympics. Bammie already won them all!

Pic: YouTube