To evaluate in detail the activities and tasks within the methodology and the specific proposal effort, interview representative staff on the proposal team (including teaming partners and subcontractors). Use the Post-Proposal Project Review Template to guide the interviews. Circulate these templates to each interviewee in advance, so that they are completed for the interview. An example of a completed template is provided in this post.

Analyze and summarize the information gathered from the proposal team interviews in the Project Summary.

External Post-Proposal Project Reviews

Ask for a proposal debriefing with the customer whether the Company wins or loses. The purpose of the debriefing is to obtain comments from the customer regarding the sales, marketing, and proposal processes and to learn from the customer how the Company can do a better job on future opportunities.

Interview key customer contacts to determine their satisfaction and appreciation of the Company's sales and proposal activities for the opportunity. Have the customer complete the Quality Assurance - Customer Debriefing Survey to find out where the Company excelled, where the Company was deficient and how the Company compared to the competition.

Customer Debriefing Survey Template

Instructions to the customer are included with the survey. An example of a completed survey is included here.

Sample Quality Assurance Customer Debriefing Survey

Use the Customer Debriefing Summary Template to analyze and summarize all comments from the customer, and incorporate it into the Project Summary.

Benefits to be derived from a debriefing with the customer include:

· obtaining general information on what the Company did poorly or what the Company did well,

· getting answers to specific questions that can be used for future guidance in similar opportunities,

· learning what the customer considers to be important,

· learning what the customer likes and dislikes (biases),

· learning how the Company is perceived by the customer in relation to the competition,

· showing the customer that the Company is interested,

· providing a chance to get better acquainted with the customer.