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You might notice we have fewer overheards than normal. We’re taking that as a sign that folks are staying home and socially distant — good job! But as a result, we are now taking submissions for eavesdropping on video conferencing calls and all of the other newfangled ways we’re staying in touch.

Overheard of the Week:

A middle-aged man heard on the jetway boarding a DCA flight:

“Hi, yes. I’d like to remove my ex-wife from the insurance policy for my house.”

Eyeballs emoji

Overheard while outdoor dining:

Street art seller to guy who just walked out of corner store: “I love those boots man!”
*Guy, excited, lifts up jeans to reveal tan cowboy boots.*
Street art seller: “Were those in the Capitol on January 6?!”
Boot guy: “Come on man!”


A young white woman waiting in line for a walk-in vaccine at a recreation center East of the River:

“You know, for a lot of people in this line, this is their first time in this part of town. I’d never been to this neighborhood before, that’s why I wanted to get my vaccine here.”

Fair enough!

In line for the vaccine at a Giant in Silver Spring:

Woman 1: “Are you waiting for the vaccine?”
Woman 2: “Lady, I’m 75! I got the golden ticket. Now the rest of you need to get it.”


Two bros, one masked and one not, are walking down the street in Alexandria:

Bro 1: “Homeownership is overrated.” (Pause.) “But if you gave me a house, I’d own one.”
2nd bro nods in agreement.

December 23, 2020: To be so confidently wrong

At the Lincoln Memorial, two guys (probably in their 30s) are chatting:

Guy: “Well what’s embassy row?”
Other guy: “I don’t know man, but you know why it’s called District of Columbia? It’s not actually a part of the United States. D.C. is its own country.”
Guy: “Ohhhh.”

March 19, 2020: What’s it like in his brain?

A guy and gal are talking near U and 14th Streets NW, by Wydown Coffee:

Girl: “Did you see outdoor gatherings are up to 50 people now? This summer is gonna be lit!”
Guy: “It’s always lit here. Like an eternal flame.”

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