A necessary luxury for the bath. We have had these inexpensive sisal rope back scrubbers ($6) as a part of our shower and bath accessories for years. Nothing could be simpler — an open weave of natural sisal rope that softens in water just enough not to scratch, but not so much as to give a wimpy rub instead of a good strong scrub.

They are also useful to use with poison ivy removing soaps. You need to scruff the soap in well to remove the poison ivy oil and these sisal scrubs have just enough scrub to do the job. About two feet of scrubbing area plus enough handle loop to be able to toss over your back and easily scrub away.

One of us is six foot and wide and the other 5′ 3″ and petite and we both use it easily. They are natural fiber and so last about a year before the fiber breaks down but are cheap enough and of such a utility that they are one of the few things that we don’t mind replacing regularly.

-- Lee Ellman

Natural Exfoliating Sisal Back Scrubber ($6)

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