This talk is about a web based solution to simulate 3D cameras for prototyping, developing and testing perceptual computing, augmented reality applications without using a physical device. The simulator mimics all of the hardware features of a typical 3D camera like that of Intel’s RealSense or Microsoft’s Kinect. The solution is purely based on JavaScript and easily integrates with the 3D camera’s SDKs. Also, it is platform independent.

Using this simulator, people can conduct workshops, seminars for a larger audience who would be intending to learn a new technology, but wouldn't be having the required hardware (RealSense / Kinect / Leap Motion). All the sci-fi stuff from movies is no more a fiction, and perceptual computing has made all of this transform into reality. So when all of this is happening, I would love to introduce before the audience the immense possibilities which could be explored through JavaScript and web.

Princiya is a technology and start-up enthusiast. JavaScript is her second love, food comes first ;). She likes coding, attending conferences, learning new things, meeting new people. Interested in visualizations, able to hack D3.js to death! An active member and JavaScript study group co-ordinator for WomenWhoCode Bangalore Chapter, Data Expert (Visualizations) for DataKind Bangalore Chapter. Currently she works as a Product Engineer for Guru-G Learning Labs, an ed-tech start-up, based out of Bangalore, India.

JSConf.Asia - Red Dot Design Museum, Singapore - 19 November 2015.


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